ASU Summer 2017 Session C Week 4

Hard to believe I’m over half way done with this summer session of classes. Next week I have the EEE 203 midterm and CHM 114 exam 2. This week I’ve been reviewing the materials while trying to juggle a lot of work. I am tired this week, I’ve had a lot of very late nights up till midnight or later working on my studies.

In case you’re wondering, here is a glimpse of what the work load looks like…


I really wish CHM wasn’t taking up so much time right now. I fear I’m going to pay for it come Monday on the EEE 203 midterm. I’ve completed and submitted 8 quizzes and homework assignments for EEE 203, ten graded items remaining between midterm, final, homework, extra credit assignment and quizzes. CHM 114, 27 assignments completed between Mastering Chemistry homework, labs, guided interactive activities, discussion board posts and tests. Only 24 more to go.

In EEE 203 this week the focus was on the Continuous-Time Fourier Transform. All material from Chapter 4 in the textbook.

  • Fourier Transform Definition
  • FT Examples
  • FT Properties
  • FT & RC Filtering
  • FT & Amplitude Modulation

I need to spend a little more time understanding the RC Filtering and Amplitude Modulation examples that were given. Its been really tough this week balancing everything with all three kids home.

Still feels like learning a whole new way to do math, but this week’s homework assignment went much smoother than the last few weeks. I won’t see any of the Chapter 4 information on the midterm though, only chapters 1 through 3 are covered.

I haven’t had a chance to look through the MATLAB examples that the professor posted this week. I really chemistry wasn’t taking up so much of my time. Definitely glad it will be the last non EEE class I’ll have!

CHM 114 covered three chapters this week:

  • Chapter 8 – Basic Concepts of Bonding
  • Chapter 9 – Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories
  • Chapter 12 – Solids and Modern Materials

In addition to the lectures there were three homework assignments, a Lab 4 – Strength of Alka Seltzer, two activities on Molecular Geometry and Polarity and Semiconductors and LEDs. If that wasn’t enough there is also a discussion board post.

All of the videos have been pretty good although Chapter 12 was way to brief for the number of homework problems. A lot of the questions in the homework I had to dig through the book to find. Hopefully things improve on next week’s lectures.

The chemistry test next week will be on Chapters 5-9 & 12. The professor has a practice exam posted and will be going through that this weekend. I’ve continued to keep up with my flash cards and added in some of the various molecular geometry shapes and arrangements we’ll need to have memorized. Hopefully won’t be too bad. There hasn’t been a lot of math the past few chapters so hopefully the exam will be pretty straight forward. I vaguely remember some of this material from CHEM 1A and 1B at UCR but that was 20 years ago.


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