ASU Summer 2017 Session C Week 5

Are we done yet? I don’t think I have ever been so tired. This past week I had a midterm on Monday in EEE 203 and a CHM 114 exam. Toss in the usual EEE homework and quiz, and in CHM 114 only 3 chapters, Mastering Chemistry homework, a lab, a discussion board post and two interactive guided activities.

I thought for sure I was done for on the EEE 203 midterm. I did horribly on the multiple choice portion of the exam. I was really nervous and made some really dumb mistakes. 4 is not the same thing as -4. I did slightly better on the short answer portion, but the midterm showed me a few areas I really need to pay better attention to.

CHM 114 I passed and did slightly better than the average. I didn’t spend much time preparing for this test and it really showed. but still doing okay in there. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. There wasn’t a lot of math problems, mostly conceptual questions and some were really tricky. At least it is done.

This week in EEE 203 we’re turning our attention to Discrete Time Fourier Transform and Sampling. I’m a bit behind and haven’t gotten through the sampling lectures, but there are some things that are pretty similar to discrete time, but you’ve got a few differences that you need to be aware of. So far it seems slightly more straight forward than the first few weeks, but occasionally you’ve got a partial fraction to deal with.

The professor added a midterm reflection assignment which will give 20 points following reviewing all problems missed and reflecting on ways to improve. I plan to work on that this weekend.

In CHM 114 this week the three chapters covered

  • Ch 10 – Gases
  • Ch 11 – Liquids and Intermolecular Forces
  • Ch 13 – Solutions

The lab this week again used the Late Nite Lab site and covered Molar Volume of a Gas. It wasn’t too bad. Hopefully I answered the questions correctly and reported my values properly . I’ve had a few points marked off for significant figure issues the last few times. Nothing major but irritating. I never had that problem in the physics labs. Probably just being careless but when you’re up at 7 and working until 11:30 with breaks for meals just trying to stay slight ahead, not sure what more can be done.

Is this session over yet??!?



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