ASU Summer 2017 Session C Complete

Took me a bit longer to sit down and write up how this past session ended. Ended up skipping town right after my EEE 203 final and my father-in-law passed away last Sunday. Been a tough couple of days for my family, but I find myself awake early reflecting on things while the rest of the house sleeping this morning.

I did okay with CHM 114’s final, I was above the class average, but made a few too many mistakes and ended up walking away from the course with an A-. I just didn’t spend enough time on the last two chapters I fear. I’m not exactly sure which questions I missed on the final. When I last checked only the scores were showing.

I did well on the homework and the guided activities. I had a little bit of trouble with significant figures for some reason on the labs. I think I just rushed too much and didn’t pay enough attention there, but the tests made up the majority of the points for the course and I could have done better on those. I’ll take it though. CHM 114 was my last non-eee course to take so from here on out just electrical engineering courses.

EEE 203 was a bit of a surprise. This course really gave me a lot of trouble. Looking back, I should have stepped back and reviewed series and integrals a bit more from MAT 266. This class is more math and theory than some of the other electrical engineering courses and showed me I’d forgotten a few things. By the end, I think I pulled things together.

I didn’t do that great on the multiple choice portion of the final, but I did pretty good on the short answer portion. It was pretty similar to practice final that was given. A few things from the midterm showed up, but for the most part concentrated on materials from the last half of the class.

This class had a lot of extra credit opportunities and I took advantage of all of them which paid off. Maybe too much extra credit, but regardless, if its offered, I’m willing to put in extra time and effort to learn something new. The professor offered a 40 point applications extra credit assignment broken up into four parts that took a look at how signals and systems analysis applied to real applications.

The assignment looked at the differences between discrete time Fourier transform and discrete Fourier transform and its uses in MATLAB, amplitude modulation and then cruise control for a vehicle. I’ve been interested in control systems and remote control vehicles since I was in high school so it was pretty neat to get a glimpse into the amplitude modulation and cruise control. I’m looking forward to learning more about those topics.

Overall, EEE 203 was one of the more challenging courses more so because I didn’t take the time to brush up on some of my math and work through practice problems enough early on. It really pulls in math from ALL math courses. Thanks to the generous extra credit made available though, I was able to recover from a mediocre midterm and final and walk away with an A+. Not sure I should have that, but I’ll take it!

Next up for me is a few weeks off from school. So far, been spending a lot of time of in Southern California. There is a short weekend trip to Tahoe, then a trip to the beaches around Santa Cruz and Monterrey before the kids return to school.

This fall, I’ll be taking four classes! EEE 230 Computer Organization and Assembly Language is a 7.5 week session A class. My other three courses are all Session C courses which are 15 week. I’ve heard the longer duration courses aren’t as frantic as the 7.5 week ones. My other three courses are EEE 241 Fundamentals of Electromagnetics, EEE 334 Circuits II and EEE 350 Random Signal Analysis. I’ll probably not be posting much over the next few weeks, but look for my weekly updates in August once classes start back up around the 18th.