Palais Senior Design Prize!

Still a bit surprised and feeling very honored!

My team’s senior design project won the Palais Senior Design Prize this semester!

Our project was selected based on originality and creativity of the students’ contributions, level of technical skill and teamwork, Attention to non-technical aspects of the design, professionalism in presentation, addressing different audience experience levels, and quality of presentation materials and demonstration!

It’s my understanding that this is the first time an online team has won this prize since inception back in 1998!!!


A huge thanks to our mentor Dr. Pavan Turaga for all his help and support and my team members Hadassah Fromowitz, Olivia Ruthven, Makalya Donaldson and Timothy Sparks!

We’ll each receive $100 and our name will go on a plaque on campus! Pretty cool!

ASU Spring Semester 2019 Week 15

Senior Demo is today! I’ve been manning a zoom conference call this morning answering some questions from folks who have stopped by our booth. So far feedback on our project and demo video have been positive! It is so weird to be at this point! I didn’t think demo day was ever going to get here! Here is a link to our demo video in case you’re curious to watch. In case you want to check out all of the Senior Design Demo Day festivities here is a link from ASU.

On Wednesday I had my EEE 425 final. I had been bugged by one problem and knew something was off, but I couldn’t figure it out. I actually woke up around 4am and figured out what I did from my sleep. Oh well, hopefully I did okay on the rest of the problems. Wasn’t much to the exam, 3 questions and I had plenty of time.

Not much to report in EEE 459. I must confess that I’ve ignored that class this week with EEE 425 and EEE 489. I have one more final to go on 5/2 in there and that will wrap up my studies here at ASU!

ASU Spring Semester 2019 Week 14

More EEE 425 fun. Apparently there was a module 7.5 so after thinking I was done with the lectures, turns out there was another set to go through. Not sure how that got missed from the beginning, but whatever. Still struggling with the lab and sorry to say, really burned out this week.

Next week will be very busy with the final for EEE 425 on Wednesday. Well technically it opens Tuesday at 5pm and we have until Wednesday at 10pm. I’ll be glad when this class is done and hoping for a B at this point.

EEE 459’s last homework assignment is due Sunday and I was able to get that completed. This week’s lectures have been looking at Wireless Links and is the last set of new material. The final for this class is not until 5/2 so I’m focusing more on the more pressing matters.

EEE 489 next week is going to be extremely business. Poster and Final Report are due Monday, a quiz by Wednesday, a demo day video due by Friday (with us needing to be available intermittently on Friday to answer questions) and then our final video progress report due on Monday to wrap up EEE 489.

So close to being done!

ASU Spring Semester 2019 Week 13

Finally got my EEE 425 exam score. It was better than I thought it was going to be and above the mean so I’ll take it as a win. I’ve turned my attention now to the last homework assignment and the last lab. I’m so frustrated by the last lab. We are to design and optimize a 4-bit adder but didn’t receive much guidance at all which is about par for this course. Perhaps the on campus experience is better, but online for EEE 425 feels like we’re just tossed into the woods with broken tools to try and survive.

Over in EEE 459 wrapping up another week of lectures and another homework assignment. This week we’ve been looking at Switched LANs, Link Virtualization, Data Center Networking and Web Page Requests.

EEE 489 Senior Design Project II I’ve been trying to support the team members assembling the final prototype, but there isn’t much I can do when we’re on opposite coasts. We’ve got a poster assignment so my wife is going to help us put that together. A perk of being married to an art teacher with the full Adobe Suite of products on her laptop!

ASU Spring Semester 2019 Week 12

This week I received my score on the second midterm in EEE 459 and did better on it than the first so that is nice. The lowest score is dropped so now just have to focus on the last couple of homework assignments and studying for the final exam which is worth 40% of our grade. It will also be the last final I have on 5/2 so counting down to when I’ll be done big time. The lectures have been on Chapter 5 and the Network Layer and everything that goes with that. Six homework problems to work through as well kept me busy for a little bit.

No midterm grade for EEE 425 yet. I’m still pretty worried about it, but the professor posted a note that we should have it by early next week. We are down to one homework assignment, Lab 4 and Exam 3. I have started going through the lecture videos that cover the material we’ll need to use to solve Homework 5 and Lab 4. The professor found Unit 7.5. Apparently that wasn’t showing up in Canvas so we have a couple more lectures to watch.

In EEE 489, not much to report. We will be turning our attention to demo day and our team member in New York is working to put the finishing touches on that.

Nothing new to report on the job hunt. I’m still looking at job boards and trying to network with people around the Elk Grove area.


ASU Spring Semester 2019 Week 11

Oh EEE 425. My fears came true on that midterm. What a disaster. To start the midterm file was given to us as a Word Doc but we couldn’t open it in Word to print it. I finally figured out there was a preview of the document in Canvas so finally got to see what the problems were after wasting 15 minutes fighting with the software and test proctoring software. I have no idea why professors do that to us and not make the test file a PDF. This is the second time this year someone has done that on a test.

I do not think I did well at all on the midterm. I was so panicked by the time I got in to work the problems. I got stuff mixed up in my head. Just a horrid experience. Hopefully I can salvage things on the last midterm and will do okay on the rest of the labs and homeworks. We’ll see what happens, hopefully the grades will show up later this week.

Once I got done with the midterm, I turned my attention to working on the lab 3. Thank goodness for one of the TAs. He is one of the most helpful and nicest TAs I’ve ever had. Called me to help me get a couple of issues sorted out.

No new material this week in EEE 459 short of getting ready for the midterm. I’ll be taking that on Saturday.

My video presentation was submitted on Friday which is good for EEE 489. Not much else to report there.

ASU Spring Semester 2019 Week 10

Week 10 in EEE 459 didn’t see a whole lot of new material. ASU is on spring break this week so we were working through a long set of homework problems, that turned out not to be so bad. Only one practice problem video this week. We’re heading into Midterm 2 in Week 11. This class drops the lowest midterm score so I’m not too worried. I scored a 95/100 on midterm 1 so am sitting in a pretty good spot heading into Midterm 2. The final is another matter though and will be 40% of our grade. Will definitely need to finish strong on that with so much of the course grade riding on it.

Over in EEE 425 work continues on Lab 3 and Homework 4. We have midterm 2 coming up and I am just not feeling very good at all about the material. I keep getting things mixed up in my head. Hopefully I can get things better situated by next Wednesday.

My senior design project had a progress report due and we’re working on a video presentation, but short of those two items, there hasn’t been a whole lot for me to do.

Not much else to report this week. It’s been pretty uneventful!