ASU Summer Semester 2018 Week 1

This week the lectures dove deeper into the Quantum Theory of Solids.

Lectures covered:

  • The Atomic Wave Equation
  • Quantum Theory of Solids
  • The Kronig-Penney Model
  • Electrical Conduction in Solids
  • The Concept of Holes
  • 3D Analysis and Density of States

I’ve started to review the end of chapter problems to prepare for the midterm per the suggestion of the professor. Hopefully working through those will prepare me well enough for the first exam. Not much information was provided short of if you can work the end of chapter problems you should be fine for the exam.

The lectures are following the book so far and the example problems are straight out of the text book. Not much else to say at this hour. Back to working problems…

ASU Summer Semester 2018 Week 0.5

I thought I had more time on break! Sunday morning after preparing a nice mother’s day brunch for my wife (that the kids sort of helped on) I checked my email and noticed that EEE 352 – Properties of Semiconductors was online. EEE 352 will be my third of four pathway courses. I thought I had a least another day or two of break since the summer semester didn’t official start until 5/16… but nope. There it was. I didn’t do too much short of glance over the syllabus and due dates on Sunday.

I didn’t get much done that I thought I was going to, but the week I had off was nice and I feel a little bit more recharged.

It was back to work on Monday. So far the class has been pretty interesting looking at how semiconductor are made, crystal structures and some quantum mechanics principles. There are going to be seven homework assignments due each week (starting next week), two midterms and a final exam. The exams are closed book and notes, but we’re allowed a one page sheet of formulas.

I made it through the 1st week lectures and knocked out the 1st homework assignment already but haven’t submitted it yet. The lecture videos are all done by the same professor who did the EEE 241 Fundamentals of Electromagnetics lectures which weren’t too bad.

Since I’ve only got EEE 352 this semester I’ve been able to keep up on the reading and have been working the example and various problems scattered about the text book. Hopefully that will put me in good shape for the exams.

EEE 352 doesn’t have a lab component which is nice although after seeing some of the videos I wish I were much closer to the ASU campus to check out some the labs! I’m hoping in the fall to take a trip to Tempe and take advantage of the various career fairs and hopefully will be able to coordinate a visit to see some of the labs then.

ASU Spring Semester 2018 Complete

Grades have posted for my three Spring 2018 classes. Two As and a B+. Not sure what happened in EEE 335 Analog and Digital Circuits. The professor hasn’t released the final grades yet, but I didn’t feel great about the final exam and there were a couple of questions I’m pretty sure I messed up on. By my math I had an A- going in. Hopefully the final exams will show up and I can go back and see what happened.

EEE 350 Random Signal Analysis was really a surprise. We didn’t receive much guidance on the final short of it was cumulative, review the lectures and homework. No sample exam was provided so I didn’t really know what to expect. I took some guesses on a couple of questions that were multiple choice and true false so guess I got lucky there.

EEE 333 Hardware Design Language and Program Logic, I made a couple of silly mistakes on the final, but still walked away with a pretty high score in part thanks to a some pretty generous extra credit. Despite the incredible amount of time that course required I feel pretty confident about Verilog and System Verilog and wish ASU had a couple more courses on Hardware Programming Languages.

Next up for me is EEE 352 – Properties of Semiconductors. That course officially starts up May 16th so I have a couple more days to relax and recharge before an 8 week sprint through my third pathway course. At this point, I am down to 9 classes to go in order to graduate!