ASU Summer Semester 2018 Week 6

This week started to explore the pn junction and the pn junction diode. After a lot of physics, finally starting to explore the first real practical semiconductor device being the diode. After going deep down into the physics behind those little guys, they are starting to make more sense after EEE 334 Circuits II.

The lectures this past week covered:

  • The pn Junction at Zero Bias
  • The pn Junction with Reverse Bias, Junction Capacitance
  • One-Sided Junctions, Junction Breakdown
  • Nonuniformly Doped Junctions
  • The pn Junction Diode
  • Minority Carriers and Ideal Current

There were seven homework problems assigned for Homework #6. Hopefully I got them all correct. I have continued to work through a lot of the end of chapter problems. Hopefully by the time the final rolls around I’ll be ready to go and can pull off a B or higher.

ASU Summer Semester 2018 Week 5

Midterm 2 scores came back pretty quick. I can’t lie, pretty disappointed with my performance. Pulled off another 19/25 and just wasn’t what I needed to do. There were A LOT of problems that took time and I barely made it through all of the problems. I had no time to go back and check and ended up making a mistake on units that carried through for two out of the three problems. The third question was worded odd and I misunderstood what was asked. Guess just a bad day taking the exam.

Week Five brought another homework assignment. Scores haven’t come back on that yet. Lecture topics included:

  • The Hall Effect
  • Non-equilibrium Carriers in Semiconductors
  • Ambipolar Transport
  • Dielectric Relaxation Time and Quasi-Fermi Energy
  • Excess Carrier Lifetime
  • Surface Effects

At this point down to two more homework assignments and the final. If the remaining homework assignments come back with 100% scores and I can pull off at least 22/30 on the final, hopefully will walk away with a B. Not happy, but for an A I need 33/30 so that will be tough.

ASU Summer Semester 2018 Week 4

I got a week ahead on the lectures so I spent the majority of last week working problems from the end of each chapter. I went through a lot of chapter 3, only to find out that  there wouldn’t be much on the midterm. Hopefully that holds true. Most of the chapter 4 questions and problems from chapter 5.1 weren’t too bad. I sure hope I am prepared for the second midterm on Monday. I’ve done just about all that I’m able to do. I went through all the lectures and the text book. I’m hoping that I have all I need for the second exam.

Next week is going to be really busy working to get through all of the Week 5 lecture topics and another set of homework problems.

ASU Summer Semester 2018 Week 3

Another week has flown by. Week 4 has been focused on Fermi Energy and Conductivity. The lectures this week included:

  • The Fermi-Dirac Integral – Degenerate Semiconductors
  • Statistics of Donors and Acceptors
  • Charge Neutrality
  • Position of the Fermi Energy Level
  • Charge Transport
  • Conductivity and Velocity Saturation
  • Carrier Diffusion – Graded Doping

I think I’m actually a week ahead though, homework 3 was due Friday but I had that done last week. Oh well. Weeks 3 and 4 will be covered by Midterm 2 which will be on Monday, June 18th. That date is fast approaching.

Midterm 1 scores were finally posted yesterday. I’m not thrilled with my performance. I completely botched one question. It was from tail end of the assigned reading and somehow I missed those equations and couldn’t remember what to do with the information given so only walked away with a few points. Hopefully will do better on the next, but pulling off an A in this class is going to be tough. Super frustrated with myself today.

Back to the books, no rest at all in these 7.5 week courses.

ASU Summer Semester 2018 Week 2

This week I’ve been busy getting ready for the first midterm that will be coming up on Monday while at the same time still trying to work ahead on the material since I’ll have a few weekend where I’ll be tied up. I’ve made it through just about all of the problems at the end of the chapters for sections that I’ll be tested on. Hopefully that will put me in good shape for Monday.

The lectures this week have been focused on:

  • Statistical Mechanics: The Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution
  • Temperature
  • The Fermi-Dirac Distribution
  • The Bose-Einstein Distribution Law
  • Intrinsic Carrier Concentration
  • Doping
  • Extrinsic Semiconductors

Homework grades came back for the first two and I got 100% on both so hopefully that trend will continue.

Not much more to report. Back to the books!