ASU Fall 2016 Session B Complete

Unless there are some issues I’m not aware of, I’ve completed all required engineering math classes at ASU! I took the Linear Algebra final Thursday followed by Differential Equations on Friday. Both tests were challenging with Differential Equations brutal. I didn’t do as well as I was hoping on the Differential Equations Final and by my calculations that knocked my grade down a bit. Grades are due by Monday so should know final grades by then but those are done. Both courses are very challenging and as one of my math professor said, not for mere mortals!

Next up for me is a break until January. In January, I resume my studies PHY 131 – University Physics II – Electricity and Magnetism and PHY 132 – Physics II Lab during session A. This physics class is the last pre-requisite course I need to be able to start taking electrical engineering classes.