ASU Spring 2016 Session B Week 7 Update

Not much new this week for MAT 266. Only new material we’re taking a look at is Area and Length in Polar Coordinates. Our Final Exam is due this week by Friday at noon and I’ve got it scheduled for Thursday morning at 9:10 am. The final is worth 35% of our grade and consists of 15 problems. The professor sent over a list of suggested problems to review so I’ve been going through those as well as reviewing past exams in preparation.

I’ve been struggling with Series, in particular differentiating and integrating power series and Taylor and Maclaurin series so have been going through a bunch of videos and Patrick JMT’s website that have been much better than the video lectures.

I was able to get all the homework completed successfully last Thursday so pretty happy that is behind me.

Once the final is complete, I’ll have two weeks off before I start up on MAT 343 – Applied Linear Algebra.


ASU Spring 2016 Session B Week 6 Update

Last week I had my second exam for MAT 266 due and I’m happy to report I was somehow able to pull off a perfect score on the test! With this math class, getting a lot of practice under your belt and the Anki flashcard program to help with memorizing the derivatives and integrals seem to be the key.

In addition to the test, we were working on series last week. I’m struggling a bit with series right now. I was able to get through the homework, but the lectures and book didn’t really match up well to what the homework was in Webworks. I’m sorry to say I am really not enjoying the MAT 266 lectures like the MAT 265 lectures.

In MAT 265 the professor teamed up with two other students and it was more of a discussion session working through problems and the material for the lecture videos. In MAT 266, the professor moves very very quickly and the videos just aren’t the same. The MAT 266 videos just don’t seem to engage you as well and when the video is reading off slides long equations it gets challenging to follow.

I’m a little bit ahead on the homework assignments so my plan is to spend the early part of this week reviewing some of the Khan Academy videos and running back through problems. I am also planning to reach out to ASU’s tutors as well.

Week six we’re going to be studying the following topics:

  • Taylor and Maclaurin Series
  • Parametric Curves
  • Calculus with Parametric Curves
  • Polar Curves

I’m curious to learn more about the parametric and polar curves. I vaguely remember looking at polar curves back in high school.

ASU Spring 2016 Session B Week 5 Update

This week I’ve got my second exam for MAT 266. This one is proctored and only 35% of my grade for the course. I’ve got it scheduled for Wednesday morning. Like our previous exam, the professor gave us a number of suggested problems to study and hopefully sticks with a few problems from the samples. This exam will cover:

  • Improper Integrals
  • Areas Between Curves
  • Volumes – Dish and Washer Method
  • Volumes by Cylindrical Shells
  • Arc Length
  • Applications to Physics and Engineering
  • Sequences

I’m glad to be moving out of integrals and into series. This week we’re studying:

  • Series
  • Convergence Tests
  • Power Series
  • Representing Functions as Power Series

I’ve been looking at a few different ways to help me better manage my time and the various tasks throughout the course over the past few weeks. I started out with Wunderlist, took a look at Trello and Asana. So far, Asana seems to be working out pretty good and the cost is nice. You’re able to setup tasks and subtasks, assign due dates, recurring tasks and mark off when a task is complete. Works pretty well.

ASU Spring 2016 Session B Week 4 Update

Hard to believe it is April already and we’re¬†starting up¬†week 4. After dropping Physics 121 and 122, definitely had a lot more time to focus on Math 266. Very frustrated I wasn’t able to stick with my original plan, but things seems to be running better at home which is good for the kids and wife.

This week we’re wrapping up the integration topic it looks like. On the menu we have:

  • Shell Method
  • Arc Length
  • Physics Application
  • Sequences

Last week, Exam 1 was due. I walked away with 12/12 which was good. Exam 1 made up 20% of the course grade so that’s a nice win. The exam wasn’t proctored, so it was a good check to see how well I’d comprehended the material. The instructor provided a list of problems to take a look at and the exam problems were pulled from that list which was nice. Hopefully the rest of the exams follow.

Not too much else to report this week, but looking forward to leaving integration behind for a bit and starting in on Series and other topics to wrap up the last half of MAT 266.