ASU Summer 2017 Session C Week 3

Another insanely busy week. While still over a week away, I’ve started prepping and studying for the upcoming closed book/closed notes EEE 203 midterm. A bit nervous about this one. Lots to remember and a lot of complex math dealing with trig to exponential conversions.

I keep meaning to write up more about the EEE topics and some of the problems I’m working on, but just flat out haven’t had a chance to go into detail.

This week in EEE 203 I started looking at the Fourier Series. Over 15 lectures this week covering:

  • Complex Exponentials as Eigen Functions
  • Continuous Time Fourier Series
  • Continuous Time Fourier Series Properties
  • Discrete Time Fourier Series
  • Discrete Time Fourier Series Properties
  • Fourier Series LTI System Continuous Time
  • Fourier Series LTI System Discrete Time
  • Filter Details

The EEE 203 homework is taking me a bit longer to work through this week and I probably won’t get to the week 3 quiz until Saturday or Sunday. There are a couple questions I think I need to double check that I did earlier in the week after seeing the instruction teams responses on the Piazza discussion board. So far though, I’ve gotten perfect scores on the homework and quizzes and still have a small surplus of extra credit in the bank.

The topics are interesting but definitely a lot of math involved in this course. I wish I had taken it closer to the completion of MAT 265/266/267. I’ve gotten rusty! I keep hoping that an “easier” way will present itself, but so far its definitely some very detail oriented math work to calculate the various functions of Fourier series coefficients. It’s so easy to misplace a negative sign along the way.

The professor recommended a supplemental book titled “Schaum’s Outlines – Signals and Systems by Hwei P. Hsu. I’d ordered it last week and it finally showed up today. Hoping that will help me get a different perspective and better understand this stuff.

In CHM 114, I took the first exam on Tuesday and scored an 88/100 with the average at 72% so feeling pretty good about that. I haven’t gone back to review what I missed yet, just haven’t had time.

This week, only two chapters were covered:

  • Chapter 6 – Electronic Structure of Atoms
  • Chapter 7 – Periodic Properties

This week’s lab covered Spectroscopy Analysis and the two activities were on Spectroscopy and Atomic Energy Levels and a second on Photoelectron Spectroscopy.  In addition, also had two chapters worth of Mastering Chemistry homework and the weekly discussion board post to do.

I am tired. Feels like all I have do is wake up, sit at the computer and do homework and watch lectures. Definitely feeling a bit burned out this week.


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