ASU Spring Semester 2019 Week 7

This week is the last week of my Project Management class. I will be glad when this one drops off. One more assignment was due in there writing up some lessons learned and a final exam which I will take on Sunday. Not too much more to say on this class.

I started working on EEE 425’s Lab 2. What a mess! Apparently the professor assumed that we had SPICE text file editing and were competent in creating those by hand from EEE 333 and EEE 335 (which we never did, at least in the online classes) so it’s no surprise I’m a bit lost on those at the moment. The lab videos bounce around all over the place. A lot of my time this week has been spent on that and on the homework, but at least we got an extension out till next week on those two assignments.

In EEE 459, we have another homework assignment due and are looking at designing reliable data transfer protocols and designing segment sequence in TCP for reliable data transfer. I honestly haven’t spent as much time on EEE 459 as I should preparing for the final and working on the lab.

Lastly in EEE 489, it looks like a replacement motor controller fixed the issue so it is working against again. Not much else to report in there this week.

ASU Spring Semester 2019 Week 6

IEE 458 Project Management has kept me busy this week working through earned value calculations on projects and risk management. Another homework assignment that had us set up a lot of monitor and control metrics. Hopefully, I got them right. My project hasn’t officially started so I set up some test data and the calculations seemed to work as expected. Hoping I got them all. Lastly, did better on the second midterm than the first. Pulled off a 91/100, but still not sure I’ll be able to salvage an A which is a bummer. We’ll see what happens. Only one week left. One more assignment and the last exam. Definitely will be nice when this class drops off.

Over in EEE 425, we had a midterm so that has taken up a lot of my time. I did okay and pulled off an 89/100. Missed a couple things that I thought I knew so need to go back and review that material a bit. Next week is going to be super busy with a new set of homework and lab 2. I’m a bit confused about the new material, but I found quite a few recitation problems that I’m hoping will help me sort things out.

EEE 459 also had a midterm this week. No new material this week. I think the test went okay and will hopefully know early next week. We have two midterms. The lowest score is dropped but the midterm is worth 40% of our grade. Hoping I did well enough. One problem bugged me a bit and not sure I did it correctly.

Lastly, in EEE 489 my teammate is having some issues with my project. I think it got wired incorrectly and blew out the motor driver. She’s ordered a replacement motor controller so we’ll have to see if that fixes it back up. We have a team call Monday morning so I hope to know more then.

ASU Spring Semester 2019 Week 5

One third of the way done with this semester! EEE 425 had the second homework assignment due today. We have the first midterm coming up next week which is to cover Modules 1 and 2 on MOSFET Basics and Silicon Process, and CMOS Modeling and Inverter Analysis. The professor has been kind enough to post few sample midterms from past semesters as well as put together a recitation video. Hopefully those will be enough to get through the midterm next week.

I am a little bit ahead on Module 3, but as soon as the midterm is over, I’ll need to wrap up Module 3’s videos to start working through the next homework and Lab 2.

EEE 459 this past week had us starting in on Chapter 3 where we’re looking at Transport Layer Services. Another homework assignment and up late next week is our first midterm. The class TAs held a live recitation session that was helpful. Hopefully the midterm will be similar. It’s a little scary since the exam is closed book and closed notes. I’ve been making up some flash cards to help me remember the handful of formulas that have shown up repeatedly in the homework problems. The lost scoring midterm is dropped so I’m really hoping that I can nail this first exam so the second midterm isn’t too stressful.

Over in IEE 458 this week, I’ve been focused preparing for the second midterm. Another homework assignment this week working with MS Project. There were a couple of good videos that showed how to use both Project and Visio, but not a lot of new material this week. This class is getting down to the tail end of material and will drop off February 26th for me.

Lastly in EEE 489 Senior Design Lab II, I got my project shipped off to my teammate back in New York for assembly! At this point, I don’t have a whole lot to do. My documentation is pretty much complete so if any team members need help, I plan to be available to assist.

That’s all for now!

ASU Spring Semester 2019 Week 4

EEE 425 has been busy this week working through quite a number of lecture videos in Module 3. I think I’m a bit ahead and there is some confusion in the class as to whether Module 3 will be on the Midterm 1 coming up on 2/12. Hopefully the instructor will clarify soon. This class has been a bit weird without a solid lecture schedule and I don’t quite understand why, but it is what it is. Module 3 is focused on Technology Scaling and Static Logic Design.

Lab 1 is due on Friday, but I’ve it wrapped up and submitted already. Next week, Homework 2 and preparing for the midterm are what I plan to focus on.

In EEE 459 work continues in Chapter 2 looking at DNS, Email, Content Distribution Networks and a brief look at UDP and TCP programming. There were a lot of homework problems, mostly from Chapter 1, but a few in Chapter 2. Also coming in EEE 459 is midterm 1 so next week I’ll start to prepare for that.

IEE 458 is frustrating. Seems like the instruction team has disappeared and I’ve got questions on what they want to see on our WBS Diagram, WBS Dictionary and PERT/CPM Chart. Hopefully I did it right. I’m heading out of town this weekend and by Friday, still no response to my question. Another midterm is coming up soon so I continue my preparations for that. I’ve been working through note cards daily and working on getting the couple of formulas that are needed down. I hope I can do much better this time around.

Lastly in EEE 489, a group mate and I made progress on the WiFi/MQTT server and my hardware integration. We believe that we have the subsystem ready to ship out to our team member in New York for assembly! I plan to get it into the mail early next week and then help out wherever else is needed.

That’s about it for this week.