ASU Spring Semester 2018 Week 11

Lots of irons in the fire this week, but was able to wrap up a lot of projects well in advance of their due dates. EEE 350 this week short of a midterm on Monday, has been completely neglected by me. I pulled off an 80/100 on the midterm. I completely blanked of a certain type of problem. I can’t remember seeing it in the book and lecture so will need to do better and figure out how I missed so much. I had some extra credit points so all is still well and if I can pull off 100% on the remaining homework and at least a 78% on the final, an A is still in my reach. I’ll be picking 350 up again next week.

EEE 335 took us into the last part of Unit 5’s journey into the Frequency Response for Single State IC Amplifiers with the High Frequency Response of Common Gate and Source Follower Amplifiers. Five homework problems to sort through as well. Lastly, I was able to wrap up my Common Source Amplifier design lab and was able to submit that this afternoon. If my simulations were correct I exceeded the requirements so hopefully that will be good.

Next week on Thursday I plan to take my 335 Midterm 2 which will cover a lot of the amplifier topics that I’ve been studying for the past few weeks. The practice test looks pretty nasty and I definitely have a lot to do between now and Thursday to prepare. I hope I can do well enough on it. Definitely not feeling very good about it right now.

EEE 333 just keep piling on the work. I submitted my alarm clock project Thursday. I’m glad that one is done. Hopefully got it all put together correctly. I learned a lot, but it took a lot of time to debug and troubleshoot. The lectures this week revolved around Lab 5 which looks like I’ll be building a pretty complex MCU. Next week’s homework assignment looks like we’ll be starting in on some of the basic parts of it so that will be good.

I have a quiz to take on System Verilog by Saturday at 6pm for EEE 333. Hopefully that will go okay. I need to keep practicing a bit more with System Verilog. It’s got a few interesting additions such as functions, structures, and classes that remind me a bit of C++. Hopefully I can keep things straight and do okay on the quiz.

ASU Spring Semester 2018 Week 10

Where to begin this week. I’ve been working a lot on EEE 333 trying to get Lab 4 – Alarm Clock completed this week. I still have another week to wrap it up and today I was able to finally get the last pieces to fall into place for the part of the simulation. I still need to get the code reloaded onto the FPGA . If all goes as planned I can wrap that up this weekend. EEE 333 is definitely a time consuming one especially when you have random issues that need some serious debugging.

Lecture wise this week we looked into System Verilog and had one assignment that took a short amount of time to convert Homework 7 to System Verilog. There was also a set of lectures on Signal Processing Applications which was pretty interesting. Perhaps that will show up a bit more for the final project?

EEE 335’s lectures this week looked into:

  • Miller’s Theorem
  • Frequency Response of Common Source with Low Signal Resistance
  • Tools for High Frequency Analysis
  • Method of Open Circuit Time Constants

I need to spend some more time on this material. This week there were 6 homework assignments that seemed like putting the various values into the plethora of equations into the book. I was able to get threw them, but definitely had a lot more to work on next week in preparation for the midterm coming up.

In addition, I’ve been working on Lab 4 which has me designing a Common Source Amplifier to meet certain specifications. It’s a bit weird having a set of requirements and choices. I’m hoping that when I run the rest of the analysis next week that all will be well. I think there is 20 points of extra credit available which would be great to be able to grab.

EEE 350 has a midterm on Monday. I’m not looking forward to it. I took the sample midterm that was available but had to rely heavily on the book and internet. I just hope that it is somewhat close to that and I can make it through okay. Plan is to take that Monday morning. Given that it is graded immediately, I’ll know right away where I can stand. This weekend I plan to really focus in and with any luck it will pay off.

Not much more to report. Back to the books!

ASU Spring Semester 2018 Week 9

Its been another very busy week. This morning I took EEE 333’s second midterm. It went okay. Looking back, I think I made some silly mistakes. It was all stuff I knew or should have known, but I went through pretty quick and got answers to the problems. Had plenty of time, and then went back to change my answers and I think I was right before I changed them. Uhg, guess I’ll find out for sure in a couple of days when things get graded.

I spent the rest of the afternoon swearing at Lab 4 for EEE 333. I thought I’d get a chunk or two knocked out on it and I got the clock working in simulation, but hit a few other road blocks. For some reason really struggling with the hex displays right now. Not sure what is going on there, but hopefully I can get that working. There isn’t a lot of information on this Lab and what is there isn’t the most organized. Not much was mentioned at all regarding a frequency divider either which is frustrating. I think I have one sorted out, but without the hex displays working, I can’t tell if what I have is going to work with the onboard 50 MHz clock. I have a note into the professor so hopefully he can help sort me out.

EEE 335 has a lot going on now as well. A homework assignment was due today and I was able to get that done. We’re starting to dive much deeper into the frequency response of the various amplifiers we’re studying which adds a whole new layer of complexity. I hope I can keep things straight in there. Midterm 2 in there will land right after Easter. I am dreading it. I got started on Lab 4 earlier this week but still have much to do on that. I’m hoping that some of the work done in Lab 4 will help prepare for the midterm.

EEE 350 continues to get crazier and crazier. Only 5 homework problems due next Sunday and I think I have them all done. For weeks 9 and 10 the topics include:

  • Bayes’ Rule for RVs
  • Derived RVs
  • Sum of RVs
  • Moment Generating Functions

I’ve been going through reviewing past chapters for the second midterm that is coming up on 3/19. Initially I thinking that it was just material since the first midterm, but the professor note that went out today shows that its cumulative. He’s got a sample midterm posted and I plan to get through that early next week to hopefully highlight areas I need to do review.

ASU Spring Semester 2018 – Spring Break

This week has been pretty light on assignments due. Officially it is spring break, but with online classes there are plenty of lectures to watch, past work to review and homework assignments to get ahead on.

I’ve been trying to go back through some of the MOSFET small signal model problems and some older circuit analysis materials from EEE202 and EEE334 this week. We’re going to be moving into a unit in EEE335 that will be looking at how capacitance plays into the bandwidth on various amplifiers so those circuit analysis techniques that I haven’t used in a few months are coming back into play.

Midterms were graded last weekend and I ended up with a B which is better than I thought I was going to do. Messed up the circuit sizing problem pretty good for some reason moving too fast trying to get through all of the problems, then a mistake on another problem that cost me a few points. Average was a 67% so was above that. Rumor has it that there are usually a few extra credit opportunities in the coming weeks so hopefully I can take advantage of those and get a few points added back. I did well on the Lab 3 and got a 100% so that definitely helps! Lab 4 looks like our first real design lab and I’ll be getting started on that next week.

EEE 333 has the second midterm scheduled for late next week and the professor assigned a pretest homework assignment. I’ve been working away at that the last few days and I feel pretty good about that material. I did well on Quiz we had last week short of a stupid mistake on my part with a Karnaugh Map, but the professor had a 4 extra credit points available so I still came out pretty good. Hopefully his midterm will be similar and with the pretest problems I’ve been working through I’ll be well prepared.

EEE 350 doesn’t have anything due for almost 2+ weeks but I’ve started my review for the 2nd midterm. These multiple random variable problems are more mathematically challenging and I need to go back through some of my Calc III stuff on setting up limits of integration.

That’s about all I’ve got to report this week. Mostly just some review and a bit of relaxing and recharging so I can finish these three courses out strong.

ASU Spring Semester 2018 Week 8

This week I’ve been busy chipping away at a lot of homework assignments and lab assignments. The weather here has been rainy most days so I suppose that it’s better to be inside working on homework than out in the rain.

Still no sign of my EEE 335 Analog and Digital Circuits midterm or word from the professor on when he’ll have those back to us. Its been over a week now. This week in EEE 335 the focus has switched over to Analog MOSFET applications and has mostly been a review. I’m frustrated with myself at how much I have forgotten from EEE202 Circuits I and EEE 334 on some of the material that we covered. Next week is Spring break and I don’t have any assignments due so I’m planning to spend a day to review some of the circuit analysis techniques that seem to be creeping up on me with the small signal model. EEE 202 really should have been a full semester! I just don’t feel like I’ve mastered that material well enough that its second nature to me, but hopefully by continuing to review it and practice it, I’ll get there.

EEE 335 had a homework assignment, a quiz and lab 3 all due this week. The Lab had us doing some design work on NOR, NAND and Inverter MOSFET circuits, determining what the PMOS width should be and then once determined sorting out the rise and fall times, propagation delays and some of the other metrics off the voltage transfer characteristic graphs. Again, in Cadence. I’ve got a love/hate relationship with that application. When you can get it working and setup it’s great, but the setup at ASU seems to be buggy at times and sometimes the various windows that pop up don’t update properly for some reason. It could also be something I was doing wrong. The class has two more Cadence labs so hopefully I’ll continue to get better.

EEE 333 Hardware Programming Language/Design Logic continues to take a lot of time. The ninth homework assignment had me designing a coin counter and vending machine. The professor provided some requirements and I think I was able to produce a solution that met the specifications. Despite all the work, its been neat to be able to start seeing what we’re learning in lecture translate into something useful. Granted there were a couple of things on the simplistic vending machine and coin counter that need addressing, but it was a solid start towards a real world application solution!

In addition to the homework, I’ve been making progress on Lab 3 which is a Finite State Machine. I believe I’ve got most of the code working, but need to get it tested on the FPGA. I plan to wrap it up very early next week. Lastly, we’ve got another quiz to take that came online last night around 6pm and I have till Saturday at 6pm. I’ll take that either tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. It’s covering materials from Weeks 5-8 with special emphasis on counters, latches and flip flops according to the brief announcement. Feels midterm like though with so much that has been covered over those four weeks. I need to review a few more topics this afternoon and hopefully I can do well enough on it.

Lastly in EEE 350 this week, we started looking at multiple random variable problems. For the continuous ones, limits of integration are back so I have a bit of brushing up to do. Seven homework problems are due Sunday, but I was able to get those wrapped up well in advance.

Not too much else to report, but my plan is to hopefully get a solid day of rest in next week on spring break then come back recharged and knock out the remainder of the semester and finish strong, but I’ve crossed second base and rounding towards third. Definitely looking forwarding to getting these three courses completed!