ASU Fall 2016 Session B Week 7 Update

It’s been a busy week working on homework assignments. I am really looking forward to having classes done next week. I’m still ahead on assignments and should have the last two labs and homework assignments done by Monday.

Sunday I have a MAT 343 Exam worth 10% that will cover the Orthogonality Chapter. It isn’t proctored through RPNow. I have a few more sections I need to review. For the most part, the first half of the chapter has been pretty straight forward. The last two sections had some complicated equations to sort through.

MAT 275 took us into Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors. No where near comfortable with them. Really glad I am taking Linear Algebra at the same time. I would be even more lost if I hadn’t been working with matrices the last few weeks.

MAT 275 Week 7 I’m studying:

  • Introduction to First Order Systems
  • Review of Matrices
  • Homogeneous Systems with Constant Coefficients
  • Complex Eigenvalues
  • Repeated Eigenvalues

MAT 343

  • Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
  • Diagonalization
  • The Singular Value Decomposition

Not much else to report this week and am hopeful my next post will report successful completion of all the math classes required at Arizona State!


ASU Fall 2016 Session B Week 6 Update

I survived my midterms! Somehow in MAT 275 I pulled off a perfect score much to my surprise. In MAT 343, a 92.17% which I’ll take. Darn true false questions got the best of me on that test so I have to do a better job on those.

The professor push the due dates back on some of the MAT 275 homework sets which was nice. I think I had finished two already before I saw the email, but still glad those are done. I didn’t get a lot of homework done last weekend studying so the last few days have been busy trying to get ahead again. For the most part, I’ve been concentrating on the linear algebra homework assignments this week.

Yesterday a MAT 275 was due. That one was looking at damped and undamped spring mass systems. In PHY 121 we looked briefly at those, but didn’t really get into them too much due to differential equations being needed. It was nice to see them revisiting this course and get to use MATLAB to see how changing the damping constant impacts the system. The next MAT 343 lab looks at Least Squares and is due Saturday.

MAT 343 we’ll be studying:

  • Least Square Problems
  • Inner Product Subspaces
  • Orthonormal Sets
  • The Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization Process

In addition to all those topics, we have an exam on 11/27 covering all the Orthogonality sections. It’s not proctored and is worth 10% of our grade. It seems like it’s really just memorizing the patterns and formulas so I need to get them into Anki and review so I’ve got them down for the final which will be 12/1.

MAT 275 we’re looking at

  • Discontinuous Forcing Functions
  • Impulse Functions
  • Introduction to First Order Systems
  • Reviewing Matrices

Definitely getting close to the end and I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully it’s not a train coming! 🙂


ASU Fall 2016 Session B Week 5 Update

Coming up on the last few weeks of MAT 343 and MAT 275. Couple more homework assignments, a few more labs, midterms and finals. The next few weeks will have most of the course grades due. Monday and Tuesday next week I have midterms so I don’t expect to be doing much over the weekend short of studying.

I’m really nervous about the MAT 343 midterm given how many questions were on the first exam. I was really pressed for time at the end and some of these problems take a really long time to solve. Some of the homework problems have been pretty straightforward, while others still seem like a foreign language. I still have a number of topics I need to review and get more comfortable with, but I’ve work through all the homework that will make up the exam. Note from the professor seemed to indicate that if you were comfortable with the homework  you should do fine. I haven’t been able to do as many extra book problems I would have hoped the past few weeks, but doing the best that I can with the 24 hours in a day I’ve got.

Had a nice surprise in the form of some extra credit in MAT 275 which was unexpected. Apparently one of the questions was from Chapter 3 which wasn’t supposed to be on the exam so the professor made that question worth an extra point for those who got it right. Nice to have a small cushion if needed.

MAT 275’s midterm will be done on Tuesday and for the most part, I feel I’ve understood the homework questions from chapter three covering homogeneous, constant coefficient DEs, etc. Will know for sure how well I understand it all Tuesday.  Test information also indicates that we’ve got to be ready for questions from chapter 1 and chapter 2. I’ve been practicing my flash cards and reviewing integration techniques so hopefully I can solve everything thrown at me. I still need to review partial fraction integration techniques a bit more, but we haven’t seen a lot of those lately.

Both classes this week had two MATLAB assignments due. The Lab 4 for MAT 343 was pretty fun. We looked at how to use matrices to make various rudimentary computer animations. MAT 275’s lab was probably more useful long term though. It covered using MATLAB’s ode45 differential equation solver. 2 more MATLAB assignments remain.

Next week in MAT 343 we’ll be studying:

  • Matrix Representations of Linear Transformations
  • The Scalar Product of ℜ^n
  • Orthogonal Subspaces

MAT 275 menu for next week:

  • Definition of the Laplace Transform
  • Solution of Initial Value Problems
  • Step Functions

Back to the books!

ASU Fall 2016 Session B Week 4 Update

Last Sunday I took the first MAT 275 exam and was able to score 8/8 somehow. Stumbled a little bit on using Euler’s method and on a Population Dynamics problem on my first attempt, but got my mistakes corrected on the second. Still have to do better at integration techniques. Differential Equations brings together so many topics that I’ve been studying for the past year.

The homework hasn’t been too bad for 275 this past week. Week 4 we’re going to be looking at:

  • Undetermined Coefficients
  • Variation of Parameters
  • Free Mechanical Vibrations
  • Forced Mechanical Vibrations

The labs have been interesting. This past lab we took a look at Euler’s method and the Improved Euler’s method in MATLAB. It neat to be able see how that application can be used to get an approximation for a value using those two methods. Short of a stupid mistake switching a row and column in MATLAB, I’ve done well on the MAT 275 labs.

Linear Algebra hasn’t been a lot of fun this past week. I’m still really struggling to get my arms around Vector Spaces and Subspaces for some reason. The homework for those two sections took a lot of time the past week. The section on Linear Independence wasn’t as bad as the subspace section. Hopefully I can get those section sorted out soon. I’m sure we’ll see those topics on the midterm coming up in two weeks.

Week 4 has us studying:

  • Basis and Dimension
  • Change of Basis
  • Row Space and Column Space
  • Linear Transformations

While the math classes have consumed most of my time the past few weeks, I’m also an undergrad TA for EEE 120 this session. I help out on the discussion board. Hopefully I’ve helped some of the students out.