ASU Summer 2017 Session C Week 7

The last full week of summer session c is coming to  a close. This week in EEE 203 the focus has been on the Z-Transform and its uses. Homework was fairly light this week. A bit more work and time was spent on the region of convergence, but as with the Laplace Transform, the lectures followed a similar pattern of looking at the definition, a couple of examples, regions of convergence, properties and then its application to LTI systems.

I spent a bit of time the past weekend working on the 40 point extra credit assignment. There are four parts to it looking at different applications of some of the concepts learned. Part 1 looks at the Discrete Fourier Transform, Part 2 Computation of DTFT using MATLAB, Part 3 Application of Communication System and Part 4 Application of Control System. I hope to spend a little more time over the next few days to look at these topics in a bit more detail.

In CHM 114, lots of work as usual. I took the third exam Tuesday night and did pretty well considering. Well above the average so was good enough for me given everything else on my plate this week.

Lectures and homework this week were on Chapter 19 – Thermodynamics and Chapter 20 – Electrochemistry. Chapter 20’s homework had 2 extra credit points. In addition to the homework, two guided activities and Lab 7 which was the Analysis of Ethanol.

Next week, Wednesday I’ll have my CHM 114 final and I plan to take my EEE 203 final on Friday 7/7. After that I’ll be on break for  about five and a half weeks and plan to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation.


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