ASU Summer 2017 Session C Week 6

Another busy week. Getting close to completion of Summer Session C. EEE 203 this week has been focusing on the Laplace Transform. Lectures included a look at:

  • Definitions
  • Examples
  • Inverse Transforms
  • Properties
  • LTI Systems
  • LTI System Examples

I had a little bit of trouble sorting out the region of convergence, but I found a slide deck that had some nice worked out examples.

This week the instructor provided two MATLAB examples. One on an RLC Band-pass Filter and a Cruise Control example. I haven’t had a chance to look much into these yet.

With the exception of one of the homework problem, most this week were pretty straight forward which was a nice change.

I was able to get the 20 pt midterm reflection wrapped up and submitted. After the midterm, definitely trying to get all the extra credit possible.

CHM 114 continues to consume almost all of my time. This week 3 chapters were covered, Chapter 14 – Kinetics, Chapter 15 – Equilibrium, Chapter 16 – Acids and Bases.

Last week’s material and this week’s material will all be on Exam 3 which opens up next week. I plan to spend a good part of this week reviewing the practice exam and trying to keep all this stuff straight.

The lab this week was a titration tutorial, again using the late night labs. The guided inquiry activities covered Reaction Rates and Introduction to Equilibrium.



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