ASU Fall Semester 2017 Week 4

This week has been a bit better, but I fear it is the calm before the storm. Next week I have an EEE 230 quiz I’m taking on Sunday, an EEE 334 quiz Monday, then an EEE 241 midterm on Tuesday. Lots to prep for.

This week in EEE 230 this week the lectures have been on:

  • Performance
  • Single Cycle Datapath
  • Single Cycle Control

For some reason, it took me a little bit to sort through this material. Still not 100% comfortable with the Single Cycle Control, but will be reviewing it and working through Assignment 4 today and Saturday so should have that figured out by the time I take the Quiz on Sunday.

EEE 241 is just crazy. The lecturer keeps saying it’s simple and piece of cake, but it hasn’t click yet for me. This material isn’t on the midterm on Tuesday thank goodness. This week the focus has been on:

  • Interaction between electric field and materials
  • Polarization
  • Dielectric constant
  • Electrostatic boundary conditions.

Four homework problems to work through, that I had to do a bit of research online to figure out how to get started. I keep trying to overcomplicate things or I just can’t figure out what the problem is asking for. Once through the midterm, I’ll be working a lot more problems. I need to do a better job of breaking things down into smaller pieces to build up the problems. I keep reading that the way to get through this is to just keep practicing lots of problems.

EEE 334’s focus this week has been preparing for the quiz Monday on diodes. I am still waiting on the homework from this chapter to be returned. No solutions have been posted yet which is a bit frustrating to me. Hopefully those will show up soon.

I’ve been working on Lab 2 which is on Op Amps a bit this week which is due next Thursday. It isn’t as detailed as the first one, but still taking a bit of time to sort through the experiments. The lab has us looking at a few different configurations of op amps:

  • Inverting
  • Non-inverting
  • Integrating
  • Differentiating

My theoretical calculations have matched my LTSpice simulation and are pretty close to my experimental values.

I had some odd readings earlier in the week where I was getting a 0.15V offset on my output voltage. Had to check in with the TA and she confirmed she was seeing the same thing. On the OP27 op amp we where messing with, there is a way to use a few resistors and potentiometers, but when I tried them, it messed with the gain too much. Not sure I had the best potentiometer, but good to know that can be done if in the future, if I ever encounter an offset like that.

Other than that, just trying to take things one problem at a time and make it through this semester. I have been feeling like I need to get back to work  in some capacity. Those thoughts have been in the back of my mind the last few days. Taking 3 classes instead of four, I’m looking at a much longer time frame until graduation. This program is already gone on much longer than I anticipated and just feeling the need to find some sort of job.


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