ASU Fall Semester 2017 Week 3

This has been a horrendous week for me.

I am just not physically able to keep up with four electrical engineering courses at a time and made a very tough call Thursday to drop EEE350 Random Signal Analysis.

Certainly makes graduating in Spring 2019 unlikely at this point and I’m feeling very defeated at the moment. I need to get back to work soon and this just pushes that out sooner. Not sure how I would work and go to school and be a dad at the same time.

I have been working nonstop since before the official school start date just trying to keep up and have been working from 7am until 11:30pm just about every single night. There have been breaks in between to help the kids, eat a meal, run an errand, but not much else. I absolutely gave four EE courses at a time my best and it just wasn’t enough. I hope I can get back on track over the weekend and early next week and focus more on the three classes I have. I really don’t want to fail them so hopefully this was the right decision.

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on this week:

EEE 230 Computer Organization and Assembly Language – This week has focused on encoding instructions and arithmetic. I keep finding new ways to encode instructions wrong. 32-bits and a few decimal to binary and hexadecimal conversions, dealing with label addresses and the program counter, plus three different ways to encode something is brutal. Plus no calculator on tests so that makes this is a slow and painful processor for me. I’m sure with practice I’d get faster. I haven’t spent much time on the arithmetic part, but the instructions for multiplication and divide were introduced as well as looking at floating point values. Need to look more into those topics before Monday’s Assignment 3 and Quiz are due.

EEE 241 Fundamentals of Electromagnetics – This week the course moved into the postulates of electrostatics, electric field intensity, Gauss’ Law and Electric Potential. The lecturer in the videos keeps saying the problems are very simple. I’m not seeing that just yet. The midterms aren’t cumulative but we have our first one coming up due by the 9/19 covering all the vector calculus stuff. Next week I’ve got to do a much better job working through some of the example problems to really make sure I’ve got the math down and at the same time keep up with the current week material. There are only four homework problems in this week’s material and I should have that wrapped up by Sunday’s deadline if all goes as planned.

EEE 334 Circuits II – This class is consuming most of my time. This week we had a quiz on op amps. Not sure how I did but I think I messed up on 2 of the problems. Hopefully there will be some partial credit. In addition to the quiz, our first lab was due Thursday. This covered some simple circuits and instruments. My report came in at 31 pages and hopefully I hit all the points. 31 pages was longer than both my UCR senior paper and USF graduate paper. No idea why a lab needs 31 pages to answer all the questions but that is a bit excessive in my opinion.

This week the lectures moved into diodes.

I’ve been having a tough time with the diode homework problems. In particular, a four diode problem was given and I’m supposed to use the constant voltage model and the ideal model to solve. That has not been pleasant and the problem was not particular clear on the assumptions. There was a bit of conflicting information given as well to add to the challenge. I really try not to complain, but this problem was not cool. I have no idea why it is necessary to look at a four diode problem right off the bat. The principles could have easily been taught with a 2 or 3 diode problem but with 4 diodes there are 2 to the fourth possibilities – only 16 combinations to try. Sure if you’re successful in solving it you’ll learn a lot but the time involved and frustration was a bit much for me this week.

Hopefully next week will be better. I will sign off for now, get some rest and then get back to the problems. Just need to remember to take them one at a time and eventually I’ll have that degree in Electrical Engineering. Keep me in your prayers, I need them right now.




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