ASU Fall Semester 2017 Week 2

There has been no shortage of new topics across my four classes this week. Let’s run through what’s been on the agenda!

EEE 230 – Computer Organization and Assembly Language is starting to get a bit more complicated. I’ve been learning how to put together programs that are a bit more complicated. This week’s topics include:

  • Shift and Logic Instructions
  • Jumps and Branches
  • Control Structures
  • Function Basics
  • Parameters
  • Run-time Stack

The week’s homework assignment required two functions to be completed. The first function simply prints a string with the prompt stored in memory. The second function was a bit more complicated requiring to print out the input collected, 10 integers, and then output them 1, 2, 3,… This required working with the stack to save the return address, calling the printstr function. Hopefully I’ve got it put together properly and will get it submitted before the due date on Monday.

Also, this week took the Quiz for week 1 and pulled off a perfect score. So far, off to a good start.

EEE 241 – Fundamentals of Electromagnetics continued the sprint through vector calculus. Four homework problems to work through this week, but I’ve started going through all of the end of chapters questions, hoping I can get prepared for the midterm coming up September 19th.

This weeks lectures covered:

  • Integrals Containing Vectors, Gradient Operator
  • Divergence Operator and Divergence Theorem
  • The Curl Operator
  • Stokes’ and Helmholtz’s Theorem, Two Notable Null Identities
  • Various example problems

Next week, the course moves into Postulates of Electrostatics, Electric field intensity, Gauss’ law and Electric Potential.

EEE 334 Circuits II continues to be taking up a lot of time. I’ve been working through Lab 1 and have been reviewing op amps in preparation for the first quiz next week. The lab has us work through a simple DC circuit, an AC circuit, a low pass and lastly a high pass filter. Seems like a lot and way more to these labs than the PHY 132.

EEE 350 Random Signal Analysis has been mostly ignored. I got a head start on the lectures and the homework was light these first two weeks. That changes though in weeks 3 and 4. The example videos with worked out problems so far have been helpful. The professor walks step by step from the ones I’ve watched and help me out. So far its been most a review of Set Theory and Probability. I’ll be diving more into new material over the weekend so will have a better update on EEE 350 next week. Definitely feels like the calm before the storm in this course right now.


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