ASU Fall Semester 2017 Week 1

First full week is well underway. Been working hard this week trying to keep up.

EEE230 – Computer Organization and Assembly Language focused this week on Operators and Operands, in particular:

  • Introduction to MIPS
  • Using MARS
  • Using Registers
  • Using Constants
  • Using Memory
  • Syscalls

The lectures have been interesting and each lecture has a nice set of review activities to practice. Monday a weekly quiz and weekly homework assignment are due. I have a bit of work to do yet this weekend to get the homework wrapped up.

EEE241 Fundamentals of Electromagnetics is continuing work on Vector Calculus. Some challenging stuff, but I’ve been going through some of the book problems and hopefully with a bit more practice, I can make it through.

EEE334 Circuits II is focusing on op-amps and the homework is a bit tougher than I anticipated. I don’t think I’m alone after chatting online with a few other students, but the TAs have been really helpful this week. Definitely a lot of work and tough problems right now. Monday we have our first homework assignment due.

EEE350 Random Signal Analysis has been interesting with a review of Set Theory and Probability. I haven’t been as focused on this course yet as I should be, but hopefully I can get EEE334 and EEE230 under control this weekend and do a better job next week.

Not too much else to report this week, just busy and next week hope to have some more exciting news to report.



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