ASU Summer 2017 Session C Week 2

So far so good in EEE 203. Pulled off perfect scores on the first quiz, plus four extra credit points and then got full credit on the homework for Week 1. Hopefully that trend will continue. This week’s material got a bit more challenging. Lectures this week included the following topics:

  • Discrete Time Signals as Impulses
  • Discrete Time Convolution
  • Continuous Time Signals as Impulses
  • Continuous Time Convolution
  • Linear Time-Invariance Properties
  • Stability

The convolution for both discrete and continuous time signals took me a bit to get my arms wrapped around. I’m still not 100% comfortable with those topics, but the TA has posted some additional lecture videos. I plan to get through those in the morning before taking Quiz 2.

I’ve been tinkering a bit with MATLAB in attempt to better visualize some of the convolution problems. The professor has had some MATLAB examples to look at. Lots of good information, just need more hours in the day.

The study group for EEE 203 has been pretty helpful. I was getting pretty frustrated earlier in the week and I was glad to find out I wasn’t alone. Its been good to be able to bounce ideas off fellow students.

In CHM 114, two chapters were on the menu:

  • Reactions in Aqueous Solution
  • Thermochemistry

This week’s lab had us working with Enthalpy Change. The Late-Nite-Lab site seems to be working okay. In part of the lab, we had to head water to 60 degrees Celsius and it actually took a minute or so to heat the water. Hopefully I got all the significant figures reported correctly!

The activities for this week had us looking at Limiting Reactants and Alternative Fuels and Heats of Combustion. Both were interesting and help to reinforce the topics studied. Next Tuesday will be my first CHM 114 exam. 60 minutes for 25 problems covering Chapters 1-5. I took the practice exam and scored pretty well so hopefully will do okay on the first exam.


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