ASU Spring 2017 Session B Complete

Spring 2017 Session B is officially complete. I took my PHY 241 final last Saturday and did well. Walked away with an A+ in PHY 241. PHY 241 was a really neat class that brought a lot of the topics from PHY 121 and 131 together and sets the stage for further studies into Modern and Quantum Mechanics.

PHY 241 is not as demanding as the previous two ASU physics courses from a time perspective, but still require the proper respect. Lectures were good, although some a bit long, but I found them quite interesting. A lab component would have been interesting, but after how much time PHY 122 and PHY 132 required I was glad to not have one to deal with. With the completion of PHY 241, I am official done with the 3 physics classes at ASU, but of course, it is quite applicable to EE so I’m sure I haven’t seen the last of it.

EEE 202’s final was brutal. I got my butt kicked, but still walked away with an A somehow. I really enjoyed the class. It took a lot of math and physics to get there, but I can honestly say I used just about all the various math tricks that I’d studied.

Next up for me, CHM 114 – Chemistry for Engineers and EEE 203 – Signals and Systems I. Classes don’t officially start up until May 16th, but hopefully they both will be online so I can get a jump on the summer material.


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