ASU Spring 2017 Session B Week 7 Update

This week my head really feels like it is going to implode. I caught another cold and have felt miserable. EEE 202 has had so much information coming at us the last few weeks and the darn lecture videos are so short. I definitely think EEE 202 would be much more enjoyable at a slower pace with time to digest the material over a full semester. So much good stuff and 7.5 weeks just doesn’t do it justice. I really like it, but I need time to think and ponder and assimilate new information and there just hasn’t been a free moment to do much of that.

This week in Circuits I no lab to mess with, but it’s been all about Laplace Transforms. Specifically:

  • Laplace Transform
  • Inverse Laplace Transform
  • Solving Differential Equations with Laplace Transform
  • Circuit Analysis in the Laplace Domain
  • Transfer Functions in the Laplace Domain

The unit step and impulse function showed up as well. I don’t remember seeing those much in MAT 275, but I can see how they can be useful. I have a list of topics I want to review over the summer before Fall starts up. Definitely need to keep practicing so as not to forget before I have four EEE classes in the fall!

So remember that MAT 275 Differential Equation class! Pay attention and learn that Laplace transform stuff in there. It comes back big time for the last week of EEE 202. It’s quite elegant how the different mathematics all come into play in Circuits I.

This week in PHY 241 the class had its last test prior to the final. I did better than I thought I was going to do and pulled a 91/100 somehow. I had a couple of very lucky guesses. The test covered Relativity and Modern Physics from chapters 36-39. In addition to the test, Chapter 40 on Quantum Mechanics in One Dimension was covered and we’ll see a few questions from there on the cumulative final. Feels like there is a whole lot more that could be said on that topic, and just barely scratched the surface there. Feels weird to have all my Mastering Physics homework questions complete, but glad I’ll be applying all that physics knowledge to EEE problems moving forward.

All that remains now for me is to wrap up the finals. Saturday I’ll have my PHY 241 final and Tuesday May 2nd I plan to take EEE 202. PHY 241 is worth 30% and EEE 202’s is worth 40%!. EEE 202 seems extremely high to me, but it is what it is. Hopefully I can make it through them all in one piece. EEE 202 has me a bit nervous, but at least both will be open book and open notes. Not much time to look stuff up, but with only 7.5 weeks, just no way to memorize all the formulas and circuit analysis techniques.


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