ASU Spring 2017 Session B Week 6 Update

I missed my 10am posting today. To say I’ve been busy this week is an understatement. Ended tonight on a high note and did well on the weekly quiz in EEE 202. This week, EEE 202 has been focused on:

  • Variable Frequency-Response Analysis: Network Functions
  • Frequency Response Using Bode Plot
  • Series Resonant Circuits
  • Parallel Resonant Circuits
  • Filter Networks

I really struggled with the Bode Plots for some reason. Didn’t catch the part about using the magnitude initially and still not 100% comfortable with them. I’m missing something on how they can be drawn quickly by hand to determine what’s happening with a transfer function. I just haven’t had the time I would have liked to really focus on them. I’ll see my cousin the mechanical engineer next week and hope to pick his brain a bit on them and see what he knows…

This week our final lab project was due and it took me a bit longer than usual to piece everything together. Once I got the RC circuit part down, the RL part was pretty straight forward. Had to use a couple of new parts of LTspice, MATLAB and the Digilent Waveforms software. Hopefully I did it all correctly.

I just hope I can pull all these pieces together for the final that is coming up on May 2nd! So much information so quickly.

In PHY 241 this week we went over two chapters

  • Chapter 37 – The Foundation of Modern Physics
  • Chapter 38 – Quantization

In addition, I also knocked out the homework that is due on Monday for Chapter 39 – Wave Functions and Uncertainty. Interesting topics, but again, just wish there was more time to better understand it all and absorb it. More time, more time, more time! I feel like all I have been doing lately is waking up, sitting at my desk and working away and still need more time. So much interesting stuff I wish I could give more attention to!

Next Tuesday, the class has the last test covering the past four chapters, then one more chapter and the final on April 28th-29th. (No it’s not a two day final, probably a 2 hour exam taken either day.) Definitely glad I’m down to 9 more homework problems in Mastering Physics. Its a neat system, but will be glad when I’ve run the physics gauntlet and can turn my attention to EE full time once CHM 114 – Chemistry for Engineers is done over the summer.


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