ASU Spring 2017 Session B Week 3 Update

I really hate being sick. I think this is the first time in a few years I’ve had a sinus cold and cough. I’ve been fighting it all week long. Its one of those were you can function, but you still feel horrible, but not horrible enough to be in bed. Hopefully some rest over the weekend will help.

Despite a cold, this week in Physics 241 I took the first exam covering Chapters 16-19. I did okay, but should have done better. Just stupid mistakes on my part rushing through. The exam had four questions from each of the four chapters and for the most part was pretty similar to the practice exam questions with slight twists. There were a couple of sections I should have spent a little bit more time on, but now that I know what to expect on exams, hopefully the next two and the final I can improve on.

After the physics exam I had to immediately turn my attention to the next section which is Chapter 20 on Traveling Waves. The chapter covers:

  • The Wave Model
  • Types of Waves
  • Sound and Light
  • Wave Properties
  • Intensity and Loudness
  • and the Doppler Effect

Timing is good to move into Waves. In EEE 202 Circuits I this week we took a look at some additional analysis techniques as well as inductors and capacitors. The additional analysis techniques we explored covered Equivalence, Linearity, Norton and Thevenin’s Theorem, Superposition and also looked at Maximum Power Transfer. All good stuff. The more problems I work through the better I feel about this circuit analysis stuff.

This week’s EEE 202 lab had us working with the Digilent Analog Discovery’s Wave Form Generator and Oscilloscope. I’m sure there are far more advanced tools out there but so far I’ve been pretty impressed by what that little black box can do. Definitely a handy tool for a student! I’ve never really messed with an oscilloscope so it took me a little bit to figure out how to set it up to display the wave forms. Also figured out that it can perform so math functions like calculate the current through a resistor or the voltage drop, etc. I really had a lot of fun tinkering around and am looking forward to some more complicated labs here in the future.

Back to the wave timing comment I made on physics, now that we have capacitors and inductors to play with looks like we’ll be starting to work more with first and second order transient circuits next week. Should be good stuff!


2 Replies to “ASU Spring 2017 Session B Week 3 Update”

  1. Hi Robert,
    I have been following your post weekly for the last year that I have been enrolled in the electrical engineering program at ASU online, and I wanted to let you know they have been encouraging to me and very helpful. Your description of each course has been spot on. I appreciate your candidness, because it provides a comparison of just how demanding this program is. Your posts provide a “sanity check” when time consuming classes, like PHY 132, leave you questioning whether to continue. Please keep up the post.


    1. Hi Allon! Glad you’ve found my posts helpful! I was definitely surprised at how much time these online courses take. Hang in there! PHY 131 and PHY 132 have probably been the hardest courses to date. But they are doable. Take things one problem at a time and eventually you’ll have enough problems solved and have your degree!

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