ASU Spring 2017 Session B Week 2 Update

In PHY 241 this week I continued work on the Thermodynamics chapters and wrapped up all of the homework for the chapters that will be on the first test. Next Tuesday I have my first physics test that will cover Chapters 16-19 in the text book.

Week 2 officially had us working on

  • Chapter 17 – Work, Head, and the First Law of Thermodynamics
  • Chapter 18 – The Micro/Macro Connection

The professor provided some information for Test 1 and a formula sheet we can take advantage of during the exam as well as a practice test so I’ve also been spending time reviewing those problems and working through the end of chapter conceptual questions. This weekend I plan to work through some additional problems to make sure I’ve got everything down as best I can.

I’m ahead on the homework for both classes so its really a matter of just getting practice and understanding the concepts. I think this will be the first weekend in a while where we don’t have something going on with the kids so hoping to get some good study time in.

EEE 202 has been interesting this week. The lab seemed very brief and just introduced us to the breadboard and taking measurements with the Digilent Analog Discovery and a multimeter. Took me longer to find the resistors I needed than to actually do the lab, but things will probably get more challenging in future labs.

I’ve been working a lot of node and mesh analysis problems in the back of the book. On my second quiz attempt I scored 10/10. The node and mesh analysis problems use Linear Algebra which I really enjoyed so its great to see that type of math being applied to EE problems. The circuits I’ve been working are pretty interesting problems and I’m enjoying trying to figure out what the various currents and voltages are throughout.

I think I’m overcomplicating some of the dependent current and voltage source problems. I reached out to the professor and she sent over a couple of additional resources to help me out which was awesome. A lot of this seems to be just getting a lot of practice in.



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