ASU Spring 2017 Session B Week 1 Update

Session B started up Monday. This session I’m finally in EEE 202 Circuits I! In addition, I am also wrapping up the physics courses needed with PHY 241 Physics III. So far Circuits I has been a bit of a review from PHY 131. Week 1 topics included:

  • Significant Figures
  • Some Basic Concepts
  • Active Circuit Elements
  • Resistors and Ohm’s Law
  • Circuit Topology and Kirchhoff’s Law
  • Single Loop and Single Node-Pair Circuits
  • Resistor Combinations

Circuits I has seven weekly quizzes, six lab reports and a final. Quizzes and Final make up 80% of the grade with labs making up the remaining 20%. All labs and quizzes are due Sunday at midnight AZ time. Usually these online courses have all material available, but this course only has one week available at a time to try and keep everyone on the same page. Hopefully won’t be too hectic trying to get through new material and labs in a week time. I have been pretty good about getting ahead in past courses, but just have to work with how this course is structured.

Some lab materials were required for EEE 202. For the labs materials a standard issue multi-meter, breadboard, Digilent Analog Discovery and the parts kit. All these items were used back in EEE 120 so nothing new to purchase.

Software wise, the course uses LTSpice. The first lab focused primarily on getting acclimated in the software. Pretty neat program and really looking forward to learning more about it. Had an interesting issue that caused me a bit of confusion though with LTSpice. I was working with standard issue resistors and for some reason the program was reporting the current through them with the current having the wrong sign. Simple fix is just to rotate the resistor 180 degrees, but drove me nuts trying to figure out if it was my hand calculation or the simulator. Good to know I wasn’t crazy, but man that was frustrating.

No homework to turn in other than the quizzes and the labs, but there are suggested homework problems to work through and videos showing how to solve. I’ve been spending a lot of time just practicing the end of chapter problems. The text book has a ton of problems to work through which is good.

PHY 241 – Physics III doesn’t have a lab component which is a bit of a relief. The last two physics lab courses took so much time and nice to not have that to worry about. This week focused on Chapter 16 in our text book on a A Macroscopic Description of Matter. Like the other physics courses it uses the Mastering Physics site. Looks like 11-15 problems or so with some problems have a few sub parts. There are 3 tests, 13 chapters and a final for PHY 241.


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