ASU Spring 2017 Session A Week 6 Update

Holy cow. I feel like I’ve been trying to grab a drink from a fire hose lately. So much information over the past few weeks. I think the speed at which these 7.5 week classes go is my only major complaint with ASU’s program so far. I have really been enjoying the material and would like to spend more time learning about the topics so it really sinks in, but with 11 chapters over 7.5 weeks just not much time to ponder the mysteries of electricity and magnetism.

I took the second exam last Saturday and did better than I thought I was going to do but annoyed with myself. I needed a few more minutes and guessed poorly on one problem due to being almost out of time. Missed three questions and just bugged by that. 12 questions in 60 minutes is tough! I nailed the circuit analysis questions, but for some reason got mixed up on some of the potential difference questions. After the test I went back through and  just made some dumb mistakes. Uhg. Live and learn.

This week the class shifted into Magnetism which is the second half of the class title. My wife accused me of throwing gang signs as she caught me applying the right hand rule trying to figure out which way a magnet field was going. I felt pretty silly, but it’s in the book and apparently how you figure out which way the cross product goes.

Next week we have a test on Chapters 32 Magnetic Fields and 33 Electromagnetic Induction. February 28th is the final and that’s a wrap for Session A.

PHY 132’s lab this week had us working with the KET DC Circuit Simulator. It was pretty short compared to the first few. We had to work with two different circuits to verify Kirchhoff’s Current Junction Rule and Voltage Loop Rule, then in the second part took a look at electric power. I think these will be a taste of what’s to come with EEE 202 next session. Only 2 more labs to go to wrap up PHY 132.


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