ASU Spring 2017 Session A Week 5 Update

Test 2 for PHY 131 is open 2/10-2/11. I’m planning to take in on Saturday to give myself a little extra time to study. Hopefully there won’t be any issues with the RPNow proctoring service. The professor provided a 23 question practice test in MasteringPhysics to work through. There is definitely a lot of material to know between chapters 28-31 that we’ve covered the last 2 1/2 weeks. We’re again able to use our book and notes, but with 60 minutes, not much time to waste.

I have been able to keep ahead on the MasteringPhysics Homework so by last Monday I think I had made it through all the chapters that will be on the test. I’ve spent the rest of the week reading, watching lecture videos, working the practice test problems and watching the Van Biezen videos. In addition, trying to work through some of the end of chapter problems in our text book. Hopefully all this preparation will pay off!

PHY 132 had a lab that was surprisingly less work than the last labs. I think my lab reports had been 15-20 pages, and this one was only about 10 and that included a few pages of screen shots and graphs. Hopefully I didn’t miss something, but I hit all the points on the checklist, triple checked for questions buried in the lab manual…

This weeks lab was on DC Circuits and Ohm’s Law. We again were using the PhET and KET simulators. In the first part of the lab students were tasked with determining the resistance over a virtual pencil. We also needed to take into account error propagation. We used Ohm’s Law and then used the dimensions and the resistivity to determine the length of the virtual pencil. During the second part of the lab, we looked at a non-ohmic light bulb and explored how the resistance was not linear and how the temperature grew hotter as more voltage was applied to the light bulb. The prelab quiz was a bit tricky this time, but on my second attempt was able to get 15/15. Definitely helps to make sure your units are in meters, amps, kilograms, etc before you apply a formula!

Summer 2017 schedule came out on Tuesday and there were no Physics offerings for some reason. I was planning on wrapping up PHY 241 – Physics III this summer, but had to adjust my plans and drop EEE 230 during spring session B for PHY 241 along with EEE 202 – Circuits I. I’ll probably pick up EEE 230 in the fall. I was able to register for EEE 203 – Signals and Systems and have been having the worst time trying to get registered for CHM 114 – Chemistry for Engineers, but have been getting some cryptic error message. ASU’s support is working on it, but no resolution yet.

All those courses hinge on successful completion of PHY 131 though and to pass that need to do well on the Tests. The next big one in front of me is Test 2 so I better get back to studying for that or else all my session B and summer 2017 plans will have to change! Just have to take things one assignment/test at a time and eventually I’ll have completed them all!


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