ASU Spring 2017 Session A Week 4 Update

At the half way point for this session already! In PHY 131 I’ve been spending a good amount of time working on the two sets of homework for Chapters 29 & 30 that were due Tuesday and Friday. Chapter 29 covered Electric Potential and Field and in Chapter 30 we explored Current and Resistance. Next week we have Chapter 31 on the Fundamentals of Circuits. Both chapters had 15 Mastering Physics problems.

I’ve started working on preparing for the upcoming Test 2 that will be on February 10th and will be covering Chapters 28, 29, 30 & 31. Lots of material and again we’ll have one hour to complete the questions. The professor has provided a practice exam online in Master Physics. I’ve found some nice lecture notes to supplement the ASU ones from the University of Colorado that are really nice and concise. In addition the Van Biezen videos are pretty helpful. Hopefully following the same tactic as I did for Test 1 will work out well for me.

In PHY 132 this week’s lab was on Capacitors. We looked at how varying the separation distance or plate surface area impacts capacitance, stored charge and stored energy. In addition we used a circuit simulator to look at parallel and series capacitor circuits. The prelab quiz had four questions again and I was able to get 15/15 on it. Hopefully that trend continues.

That’s about all there is to report this week. Back to the books for me!


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