ASU Fall 2016 Session B Week 3 Update

Wednesday I took the first MAT 343 exam and was able to get a 90.5/100 somehow. There were a number of true false questions, some you could figure out with your calculator and others you really needed to understand the various principles and rules we’d been taught. I have a few things to go back through and review. Should be able to do that over the weekend so I can hopefully not make the same mistake(s) going forward. I didn’t feel good about the test at all and was pretty surprised I scored as well as I did. Seems like this class is a lot of memorization and I need to do better at memorizing all the terms, etc.

Outside of preparing for the MAT 343 Exam 1, had the usual homework and a MAT 275 lab due last Tuesday and a MAT 343 MATLAB assignment coming up due on Sunday. We didn’t have any questions on the first MAT 343 exam regarding MATLAB.

Week 3 we’re looking at:

  • Vector Spaces
  • Subspaces
  • Linear Independence

I’m a few days ahead on the assignments for both classes which feels nice. The Vector Space homework was pretty straight forward, but really confused at the moment on how to get started to answer the subspaces homework questions. I am going to try ASU’s tutoring and hopefully they can help get me back on track. A number of the Subspaces questions have limited attempts and I really want to make sure I am doing those correctly.

The first exam in MAT 275 opens Saturday and is due Sunday. The first exam will cover topics like classification of differential equations, separable equations, direction fields, integrating factors, modeling with first order differential equations, Euler’s method and population dynamics.

I have been watching a lot of Krista King’s integration technique videos and feeling a little better about integration by parts and u-substitution. I still need to go through the partial fraction and trig integration techniques. I just flat out don’t remember them and don’t use them all that often. Hopefully they won’t show up on an exam with a differential equation, but given how the professor’s 343 exam went, I’m expecting some pretty challenging 275 exam questions.


Her differential equation videos have been helpful. I’m still getting tripped up by complicated integrals unfortunately but the separable equation, integration factor, and most of the mixing problems aren’t too bad. I just keep trying to slip in integration practice and hopefully by the time the midterm and final come around I’ll be much better at those and they won’t cause me any issues.

MAT 275 Week 3 we’re going over:

  • Population Dynamics
  • Homogeneous Constant Coefficients
  • The Wronskian

Back to the books!



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