ASU Fall 2016 Session B Week 2 Update

Both MAT 343 and MAT 275 had a fair amount of homework due last Sunday 10/16. It’s a bit of a juggling act bouncing between the two classes right now. I’ve been able to get ahead which is a nice feeling and hopefully that lasts. I’m glad I got both of the labs done early. That took a bit of stress off. Just took a little bit of tinkering in MATLAB to get things working right, but those are done.

Linear Algebra (343) is giving me a lot of practice on basic arithmetic. I find it funny that I’ve been able to solve complex multi-variable calculus problems, but when I get asked to multiply two sets of numbers, then add the product and I forget one of them had a negative sign. Both my TI-84 and TI-NSpire CX calculators though will solve most of the problems so far, provided there aren’t unknowns which is great for checking my work.

I have my first MAT 343 test on 10/27 and have been going back through reviewing the first few chapters. Our text book has some of the problems answered in the back of the book so that has been helpful to get in a few additional practice problems. I’m still not 100% comfortable with Linear Algebra, but the more we work with it, seems to be a really interesting tool.

MAT 343 Week 2 we’re studying:

  • Elementary Matrices
  • The Determinant of a Matrix
  • Properties of Determinants

MAT 275 (Differential Equations) didn’t kill me last week which I think my wife is happy about? The Section 2.2 homework on Separable Equations really brought to light how important knowing your derivatives and integrals are. I dusted off my Anki Calculus flash card deck and have been going through those daily. You also have got to know what to do with natural log and e! I used those more in one assignment than I think I’ve used over the past year all! I’m still really nervous about this class. It really brings a lot of the Calc I and Calc II topics together.

I have got to work in some additional practice on integration techniques over the next few weeks to get better at being able to work the differential equations. The Integrating Factor technique really requires you to know your integral stuff.

MAT 275 Week 2 we have:

  • Direction Fields
  • Integrating Factor
  • Modeling with First Order
  • Euler Method

Outside of all this math, I registered for Spring 2017 classes Tuesday. Electrical Engineering upper division courses are moving over to a full 15 week session C format. This change won’t impact me much Spring ’17. The classes I will be taken are the 7.5 week session A and B classes.

I signed up for PHY 131 – Physics II: Electricity & Magnetism, PHY 132: Physics II Lab Session A, Session B EEE 202: Circuits I, EEE 230: Computer Organization & Assembly Language.


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