ASU Fall 2016 Session A Complete

This week we wrapped up Physics 121 and Physics 122. No new material was presented for PHY 121. I had my last test on Tuesday and did well enough to drop a lower test score. Made silly mistakes on two questions. Just rushed through and got careless, but I know what I did wrong and if those questions show up the final or something in the future, I’ll know what to do. After looking at some complicated problems the past seven and a half weeks, I get thrown something pretty simple and then over complicate it. Sometimes its best to stick with your first answer instead of changing it!

Following the test on Tuesday, I spent the rest of the week working on reviewing and studying for the PHY 121 final this morning. I focused on reviewing the end of chapter questions in the textbook and past tests and quizzes. Watched a few videos on topics that I still had questions on.

The final was pretty straight forward, no crazy complex problems. A few pretty simple calculations, but nothing really complex. Walked away with an A- on the final so was pleased. Considering how hard the assignments have been the final was pretty simple. I’m hoping tomorrow after the exam window closes I can go back and review what I missed. There were three problems that I’m pretty sure I did wrong, but will find out for sure.

PHY 122 had Lab 6 due Monday. No template was given, but wasn’t too bad to come up with one based on prior labs. The lowest lab is dropped and I’ve done well enough on the past 5 labs to not have to turn in the pendulum lab 7. I was able to get most of it completed yesterday and today, put the finishing touches on it and submitted.

Feels pretty good to have those two courses crossed off the list! Final grades should be posted in the next day or so, but if my calculations are correct should have at least an A- in PHY 121 and an A in PHY 122.

Overall, PHY 121 has been one of the most challenging courses I’ve taken at ASU. It was frustrating that the discussion board wasn’t used a lot. On this class, I really had to look around for additional videos and resources to help explain the material. The problems really forced you to choose carefully how you setup your problems and think through what was needed to solve the problem. There definitely weren’t many simple plug in numbers to a formula. Overall, I hope this approach to solving problems will be beneficial, but it was a rather painful 7.5 weeks.

PHY 122, was interesting. Short of the labs taking up a lot more time than I would have expected, the lab equipment simulator worked well. It was nice to have a “set” of equipment all to myself. In previous physics labs in high school and UCR we’d have a lab partner and limited time to perform the experiments, but with the lab simulator you could spend a little extra time to try new things and really understand the principle or concept being studied. TAs were great and extremely helpful. Overall very positive experience with PHY 122.

Fall Session B gets underway on the 12th and I expect ASU will have Webworks opened up Monday. It looks like most of the lectures and course materials are available in blackboard now. I haven’t looked too much into MAT 343 and MAT 275 yet though, but will turn my attention there after a short break this weekend.



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