ASU Fall 2016 Session A Week 7 Update

PHY 122 should be interesting this week. The past 5 labs the instructor and TAs have provided lab report templates. This week, no lab template and we’re supposed to come up with our own. This week lab is on collisions which should be fun. We are to explore 5 different types of collisions and it was recommended to create either an Excel spreadsheet to help with the momentum and kinetic energy calculations or create it through LoggerPro. I ended up going the Excel route and that worked out pretty good.

It did take a lot of time to gather the data and type up all the data analysis on the lab. I have to derive one more equation and then write up the discussion and conclusion section. For a 1 unit class, PHY 122 takes up way more time than I thought possible.

PHY 121 has been brutal. I can’t believe how long it took to get through all of the week 6 homework over the past weekend. For me, this stuff just takes longer than I think it will. I do have a 2 year old helper during the day though so that could be part of it.

On the week 6-2 homework a lot of the questions had multiple parts and were a bit complicated. Not to mention that the problems were picked from four chapters in the book. I’m still not as comfortable with all of the material as I would like to be although I did adequately on Test 6 Tuesday.

Week 7 has us looking at

  • Universal Gravitation
  • Gravitational Potential Energy
  • Oscillations
  • The Pendulum

Only two chapters in the book which is a nice change.

I wrapped up the 7-1 homework set on gravitation and it was much more straightforward than the last two weeks which was a relief to be honest. I plan to wrap up 7-2 which covers the oscillations and pendulum chapter over the weekend.

Test 6 was better than I thought. It was enough to knock out my lowest test score. Hopefully my last test on Tuesday will be a good one. Definitely not in any failure, but at this point, my final exam performance will dictate my final grade in PHY 121.

We’re definitely in the home stretch now. The final is coming up on 10/7 and I started last week my preparations. I’ve been running through the end of chapter problems and have some topics I need to do a bit more studying on, but I think the pieces are coming together.

I did get a surprise Monday. I wasn’t expecting to see my session B MAT 275 – Modern Differential Equations or MAT 343 – Applied Linear Algebra courses to be available in blackboard, but they showed up. I have the same professor for both math classes so should be interesting. I haven’t looked too much into the classes yet. The assignment dates for one still show last session so I think there is a little bit of updating in the works. Not to mention Physics is still consuming most of my of waking hours.


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