ASU Fall 2016 Session A Week 6 Update

According to the professor, Week 6 is the toughest week. I didn’t think it could get more complicated than Week 5, but I was wrong! Didn’t do that great on Test 5 last week so anticipating that it will be one of the two tests that are dropped. So much new information to process and I am struggling a bit with energy conservation still.

I started going back through the text book and working problems which is helping me fill in some of the gaps. Also hoping the book problems will help in preparation for the final that is coming up October 7th. Probably should have been practicing a lot more book problems earlier on in the course, but I can’t travel back in time. At first was thinking that the assigned work and lectures would be sufficient, but for me, I need more practice to figure this stuff out.

Week 6 we’re “only” working on:

  • Conservation and Non-Conservative Forces
  • Force and Potential Energy
  • Pseudowork and System Energy
  • System Energy Examples
  • Internal Energy
  • Collisions
  • Energy of a Closed System
  • Torque
  • Angular Momentum
  • Static Equilibrium

Yes, that is 10 topics. The two homework assignments are larger than previous weeks with 14 and 15 problems for 6-1 and 6-2 and so far the problems in 6-1 have had multiple parts. Took me most of Wednesday to get through 7 problems and I hope to wrap up the other 7 in Homework 6-1 today.

Our PHY 122 lab this week is exploring uniform circular motion. No more dynamics track. The lab has us investigating how mass, velocity, radius and centripetal force relate and how friction behaves on circular motion.

I’ve been doing really well on the PHY 122 labs. Only complaint is they take a lot of time to decipher the lab manuals, gather the data, run the calculations and write up the discussion section. I was able to get all but the discussion written up yesterday on Lab 5 and plan to wrap that up over the next few days so I can submit it on Monday.

Back to work!


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