ASU Fall 2016 Session A Week 4 Update

I’m feeling a bit lost this week in PHY 121. I’m missing something and haven’t quite figured out what yet. Didn’t do as well as I would have liked on Test 3. My perfect streak has ended. Lowest 2 tests are dropped, but still annoyed with my performance last Tuesday. Also doesn’t help when your batteries die in your calculator. Definitely will have a spare ready to go next time.

The grading scale is curved a bit so doing fine, but frustrated. I did manage to get the homework problems from week 3 solved, but had to do a bit of searching to figure out a few of the problems.

This PHY 121 class moves so fast. I keep comparing to UCR’s Physics 40A class and I think we spent the later half of a 10 week class on Newton’s Laws. We flew threw those topics in a week! If I did this over again, I would seriously consider taking physics at a junior college just to have more time to absorb the material.

Homework 4-1 was really frustrating. Only 9 problems, but still took the majority of a day to complete.  I still need to work on 4-2 and the Week 4 quiz this weekend, plus study up more on Newton’s Laws a bit. Definitely glad I am halfway done with this class.

PHY 121 Week 4 has us moving into:

  • Newton’s Third Law
  • Strings, Pulleys and Constraints
  • Dynamics of Circular Motion
  • Non-inertial Reference Frames

In the PHY 122, Lab 3 has us working with Newton’s Second Law of Motion. We’re still working with the KET dynamics track, but this time working with loading the cart up with various masses and then attaching a string and pulley system. Definitely starting to get more complicated. Our TA posted an instructional video early in the week which was really nice.

So far I’m doing well on the PHY 122 labs. 100%s on Labs 1 & 2 which is nice. These definitely take a lot of time to write up.


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