ASU Fall 2016 Session A Week 3 Update

Wrapped up Week 2 with much more success than I did last spring. Definitely took a lot of work (and some luck!) but was able to pull off perfect scores on the physics homework assignments, quizzes and test 2. Hopefully I can carry that trend the rest of the way through. 

A fellow student sent over a link to some YouTube videos by Michel van Biezen that have been extremely helpful. Professor Biezen’s video walk through problems in a few different ways. I was able to get a few new ideas on how to solve some of the more complicated problems I faced through his videos. 

Week 3 in Physics 121 we are going to be turning our attention to:

  • Newton’s First Law
  • Newton’s Second Law
  • Newton’s Third Law
  • Free Body Diagrams
  • Gravity, normal force and friction
  • Using Newton’s Second Law

Should be some good stuff!

Homework set 3-1 wasn’t too bad. 11 problems, but each problem had a bunch of questions attached. Certainly not as painful as the week 2 homework assignments. I still need to get started on Homework set 3-2 and the Quiz and my plan is to complete those Friday and Saturday. 

I wish PHY 122 was going smoothly. Lab 2 has been a pain in the butt. We were tasks with exploring constant acceleration in one dimension and free fall using the KET Physics lab site and Logger Pro. Seemed straightforward enough, but unfortunately for the free fall component of the lab, we’re to use Logger Pro’s video analysis capabilities that were removed in version 3.11. Took me quite a bit of time last Sunday to find a work around. 

Vernier has a Video Physics and Graphical Analysis application available for the iPad and I was able to load the video and gather some data. Hopefully it will be good enough for the lab. Apparently the video analysis capabilities were removed for the Windows version of Logger Pro due to security vulnerabilities with Apple’s QuickTime video program. Video Analysis works fine if you have a Mac, but unfortunately, I don’t have a Mac. 

So after trying to work ahead on Lab 2, the teaching staff changed the template, a few extra things were added and the TA provided the data we needed to analyze for the free fall component of the lab. I’m slightly annoyed since I had gotten started over the weekend using the old template. I then had to rework part of the lab and move all my data and analysis to the new template. I sure wish this stuff would have been sorted out sooner. I’ve spent a lot more time on this lab than I probably should have. For a 1 unit class PHY 122 is turning out to require a lot of time unfortunately. 

I did finally get graded work back and received 9 points on the Error Propagation Exercise and 30/30 on Lab 1. I sure hope after all this work on Lab 2 I get full credit! 


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