ASU Summer 2016 Session B Week 6 Update

I failed Exam III last Saturday. Not really any other way to put it. 11 questions in 2 hours with some very challenging multiple integrals and I couldn’t solve them fast enough or correctly. Appears to be switching sign errors for the most part.. Extremely frustrated right now over my performance on that exam given I’d spent close to 60 hours trying to master the materials over the past week. Excuses won’t change it, just need to learn from what I did wrong and move on. I can tell you though that working out triple integrals by hand that take 30 minutes when a computer can do it in under 30 seconds doesn’t seem like a good use of time and resources.

At this point, we have 7 assignments in Chapter 13 and the Final left. I must do well on the final to salvage this course. Definitely not pulling an A like I had visioned when I started this 6 weeks ago. Hoping that the professor will make some adjustments, but doubtful. I heard from a friend and he scored comparable to me and the discussion boards have been full of unhappy posts this afternoon.

Enough on that.

Week 6 brings us to

  • Vector Fields
  • Line Integrals
  • Fundamental Theorem of Line Integrals
  • Green’s Theorem

Week 7 is really short. Our final will be on Tuesday 8/9 and we wrap up the last three lectures on

  • Curl and Divergence
  • Parametric Surfance and their Area
  • Surface Integrals

Not too much add, back to the books.


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