ASU Summer 2016 Session B Week 4 Update

Another very busy week. Saturday 7/23 we have Exam 2 which will be worth 25% of my grade so a lot of this week has been spent reviewing the Chapter 11 topics on Partial Derivatives and all that goes with those. Lecture topics this week included:

  • Gradient and Directional Derivatives
  • Maximum and Minimum Values
  • Double Integrals over Rectangles
  • Double Integrals over General Regions

I have enjoyed most of the partial derivative problems and even had an electrical engineering problem thrown into the homework set. I was quite pleased with myself when I solved it on my first attempt. Some problems have definitely required multiple attempts over the past few homework sets.

I’ve been working ahead and started in on the multiple integral material in chapter 12 and have gotten into some of next week’s topic already. Those have definitely been challenging and very time consuming. I will certainly need a lot more practice on those and need to review some of the MAT 266 integration techniques such as integration by parts and substitution. Saturday 7/30 I have another Exam which is also 25% of my grade covering all of the multiple integral materials so no rest at all over the next few weeks.

If I remember correctly at UC Riverside, ASU’s MAT 267 topics were divided into two classes – Math 10A and 10B and students would have take those two courses over 2 10 week quarters. We’re covering all of that material in 6 weeks!



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