ASU Summer 2016 Session B Week 2 Update

This week has a lot of sections. Started off pretty straightforward but the later topics were definitely more challenging and time consuming.

On the menu for week two we found:

  • The Dot Product
  • The Cross Product
  • Equations of Lines and Planes
  • Cylinders and Quadric Equations
  • Vector Functions and Curve Spaces
  • Arc Length and
  • Motion in Space: Velocity and Acceleration

A lot of problems were assigned from The Dot Product, Equations of Lines and Planes and Vector Functions and Curve Spaces. MAT 265 and 266 didn’t have very many problems with limited attempts but on a few problems, students were only given a handful of attempts. So far, I’ve gotten all of the problems correct. Most of the limited attempt questions were either true or false or matching questions. I am not a fan of those at all. 

The last few sections and especially the Motion in Space section were very similar to what I remember from Physics 121 homework problems. I think having this course prior to Physics 121 in the fall will help me out a lot. I am definitely getting more comfortable with vectors after this week’s section. Plus seeing a few velocity and accelerations problems worked out through the MAT 267 lecture slides was very helpful.  

Probably the most difficult thing for me is visualizing the 3D graphs. I am having to rely a lot on the Wolfram Alpha windows store app to help me graph and more times than not I’m off in my head. My plan over the next few days is to see if I can find a few other videos and resources to help supplement what the instructor has provided through Khan Academy or PatrickJMT’s site.  

Wednesday, July 13 I have Exam 1 which will be 10% of my grade. It will cover all of the week 1 and week 2 material. It isn’t proctored and we’ve got two hours to complete the exam. As with the other MAT 265 and MAT 266 courses it will be through WebWorks and we’ll have two submissions. 


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