ASU Spring 2016 Complete

Thursday morning I wrapped up MAT 266’s Final Exam. 15 questions, 2 hours and 35% of the grade. I am happy to report I walked away with a 93% on the final exam. (Just missed 1 question on the final and for the entire course! GRRR! So close to a perfect score). Overall for the course I earned an A which I will gladly take. For some reason, I decided to use the ratio test incorrectly on one of the series questions on the final.

It amazes me how quickly the courses move in ASU’s online program. UC Riverside had 10 week courses if I remember correctly where ASU is at 7.5 weeks. To put things in perspective, UC Riverside’s MATH 9A, 9B and 9C (Calculus I, II, & III) topics were all covered in MAT 265 and MAT 266 in 15 weeks which would normally be what a full time on campus student covers over one academic year.

I am still enjoying the program and I think ASU’s got a good system setup for students. For the math courses, through WeBWorks, students get feedback right away on assignments. Typing in the answers took a little getting use to, but after a few assignments isn’t too bad. Finding out immediately if you’ve worked a problem correct is great. The 24/7 tutoring resources and the Piazza discussion boards have been very helpful as well. Not to mention there are some great resources outside of what’s available at ASU such as Khan Academy, Patrick JMT’s videos and Krista King’s math videos to help students understand the topics.

Next up for me, is two weeks off before summer session starts up. I’ll be continuing my math studies with MAT 343 – Applied Linear Algebra and MAT 267 – Calculus III. Applied Linear Algebra has MATLAB lab assignments which I’m looking forward to. ASU Students are able to download a copy of MATLAB from ASU for no-charge for academic work which is great.

MAT 343 looks at solving linear systems, matrices, determinants, vector spaces, bases, linear transformations, eigenvectors, norms, inner products, decompositions, and applications as well as problem solving using MATLAB.

With MAT 265 and 266 there isn’t much variation- Watch the lectures, read through the book, work problems, repeat. Having some lab assignments and working with MATLAB will help break up that routine I hope. Plus, just looking forward to working in MATLAB and learning more about that application.

MAT 267 – Calc III looks at vector-valued functions of several variables, partial derivatives and multiple integration. It continues on and uses the same book from MAT 265 and 266 so that is good. MAT 343 had us pick up a the ninth edition of Linear Algebra with Applications by Steven J. Leon.


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