ASU Spring 2016 Session B Week 7 Update

Not much new this week for MAT 266. Only new material we’re taking a look at is Area and Length in Polar Coordinates. Our Final Exam is due this week by Friday at noon and I’ve got it scheduled for Thursday morning at 9:10 am. The final is worth 35% of our grade and consists of 15 problems. The professor sent over a list of suggested problems to review so I’ve been going through those as well as reviewing past exams in preparation.

I’ve been struggling with Series, in particular differentiating and integrating power series and Taylor and Maclaurin series so have been going through a bunch of videos and Patrick JMT’s website that have been much better than the video lectures.

I was able to get all the homework completed successfully last Thursday so pretty happy that is behind me.

Once the final is complete, I’ll have two weeks off before I start up on MAT 343 – Applied Linear Algebra.


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