ASU Spring 2016 Session B Week 6 Update

Last week I had my second exam for MAT 266 due and I’m happy to report I was somehow able to pull off a perfect score on the test! With this math class, getting a lot of practice under your belt and the Anki flashcard program to help with memorizing the derivatives and integrals seem to be the key.

In addition to the test, we were working on series last week. I’m struggling a bit with series right now. I was able to get through the homework, but the lectures and book didn’t really match up well to what the homework was in Webworks. I’m sorry to say I am really not enjoying the MAT 266 lectures like the MAT 265 lectures.

In MAT 265 the professor teamed up with two other students and it was more of a discussion session working through problems and the material for the lecture videos. In MAT 266, the professor moves very very quickly and the videos just aren’t the same. The MAT 266 videos just don’t seem to engage you as well and when the video is reading off slides long equations it gets challenging to follow.

I’m a little bit ahead on the homework assignments so my plan is to spend the early part of this week reviewing some of the Khan Academy videos and running back through problems. I am also planning to reach out to ASU’s tutors as well.

Week six we’re going to be studying the following topics:

  • Taylor and Maclaurin Series
  • Parametric Curves
  • Calculus with Parametric Curves
  • Polar Curves

I’m curious to learn more about the parametric and polar curves. I vaguely remember looking at polar curves back in high school.


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