ASU Spring 2016 Session B Week 5 Update

This week I’ve got my second exam for MAT 266. This one is proctored and only 35% of my grade for the course. I’ve got it scheduled for Wednesday morning. Like our previous exam, the professor gave us a number of suggested problems to study and hopefully sticks with a few problems from the samples. This exam will cover:

  • Improper Integrals
  • Areas Between Curves
  • Volumes – Dish and Washer Method
  • Volumes by Cylindrical Shells
  • Arc Length
  • Applications to Physics and Engineering
  • Sequences

I’m glad to be moving out of integrals and into series. This week we’re studying:

  • Series
  • Convergence Tests
  • Power Series
  • Representing Functions as Power Series

I’ve been looking at a few different ways to help me better manage my time and the various tasks throughout the course over the past few weeks. I started out with Wunderlist, took a look at Trello and Asana. So far, Asana seems to be working out pretty good and the cost is nice. You’re able to setup tasks and subtasks, assign due dates, recurring tasks and mark off when a task is complete. Works pretty well.


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