ASU Spring 2016 Session B Week 2 Update

MAT 266 is by the far the most challenging course at the moment and consuming most of my waking hours. I’m even seeing integrals and derivatives in my dreams so that can’t be good? The calculus makes sense, but the arithmetic is challenging. The substitution rule, integration by parts and trigonometric integrals require that you pull together so much from the past lessons and successfully apply that knowledge to solve very complicated problems.

I set up Anki to help me on the derivative and formula memorization and that program seems to be helping. I had been keeping a Word document with all the formulas or important derivatives and integrals so that I could refer to them quickly if needed and I was able to take a screen snip of the formulas and paste onto the back of the digital flash card. Anki gives you only so many cards a day to learn and has some other fancy algorithms to focus in on the cards you struggle with. After three days, I seem to be recalling the information better.

Other than that, practicing a lot of problems both from Webwork and the Calculus book. The Wolfram Alpha Windows 10 Store App is proving very helpful for the book problems to check my answer since only the odd answers were given in the back of the book. Hopefully by 3/31/2016 I’ll be ready for Exam 1 if I can keep chipping away at this challenging material.

This week in MAT 266 we’ll be turning our attention to

  • Partial Fractions
  • Integrations with Tables and Computer Algebra Systems
  • Approximate Integrations
  • Exam 1 Review

PHY 121 seems to be moving slower and is a bit more straightforward than MAT 266 at the moment. Hopefully I’m not underestimating it. Our first homework set was given out on Wednesday and I was able to get both assignments completed with 100%. There were a few tricky problems that I struggled with, but the course discussion board and emails back and forth with a fellow student helped get me pointed in the right direction.

I haven’t taken the weekly quiz or test yet, but plan to do so Monday and Tuesday so will report back on how those goes.

Week 2 topics for PHY 121 will be:

  • Acceleration to position
  • Generic equations of motion
  • Free fall
  • Vector arithmetic
  • 2D Kinematics
  • Rotation motion

Lots of good stuff there!

PHY 122’s lab class is a ton of work. I spent most of the weekend going through the lab exercises. Work mostly centered around learning the tools and getting used to reporting values properly though. It took me a fair bit of time to type out all the equations and the calculations. Still not 100% sure I’ve got them all correct with significant figures so I need to go back through and double check them. The data gather and calculations are complete and tomorrow I hope to finish up answering all of the questions so I can submit it well in advance of Wednesday’s due date.


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