ASU Spring 2016 Session A Week 7 Update

Finals are done! Two more classes complete and now ready to enjoy spring break. Tuesday 3/1 I had my final for MAT 265 and this morning my EEE 120 final. MAT 265 was fairly straight forward although cumulative so I had to go back through and review a number of items from earlier in the course. I got tripped up a little bit on a Linear Approximation problem, but still ended up with 97.8% on the exam. Added with the other tests scores, I walked away with an A in MAT 265!

EEE 120’s exam today was a bit more challenging. I had some trouble on timing diagrams for flip flops and need to go back and review those a bit. We didn’t work with them a lot unfortunately and I’m just not very comfortable with them. All of the other material though was what we’d worked with over the course. Overall I ended up with 1015/1000 points and an A+ in Digital Design Fundamentals! This was a great course and I really enjoyed it.

We are now on “Spring Break” although no trips to Mexico or any place exotic is planned. Looking forward to catching up some TV shows and a little bit of relaxing. Can’t rest too much though, Session B will start up 3/14 and the courses are usually online 2-3 days in advance of the start date. Session B, I’ll be continuing on with MAT 266 – Calculus II and PHY 121 & 122 – Physics I and Physics I Lab.

My plan is to write up a few posts on the projects we worked on in EEE 120 so check back soon!


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