ASU Spring 2016 Session A Week 6 Update

Another week down. Hard to believe we’ve got next week and then finals the first week in March already (3/1 and 3/2 for me)! EEE 120 took over most of my week. Our final hardware capstone project was due this week and I was really struggling with the finite state machines initially. After a lot of help from the professor and TAs I am feeling much more confident about them. I can’t speak highly enough about how helpful the instructors have been. I went to bed one night very frustrated and lost. I woke up the next morning and there were videos put together and a number of follow up emails to help me get back on track.

Once the course is over, I’ll provide some additional information on what I came up with to the problem we were given. I’m really excited to share what I put together, but the professors have requested we not discuss our solutions at this time.

The problem we were given was to design two solutions and then build one solution in hardware. Basically, needed to design a Moore Machine and a Mealy Machine. The information we received was the system would be a gas pump controller that would shut off the pump after two over pressure conditions. The system had a nozzle switch that when on would pump gas. Also, the solution had to be a synchronous solution. When shut off, a gas station attendant would have to reset the machine. The assignment left a lot open to interpretation and it was critical to document our assumptions properly. We were able to use any of the parts from our lab kit to solve the problem which consisted of all sorts of logic gates, D and JK Flip Flops, wires, and the Digilent Analog Discovery Kit.

In MAT 265, we looked at applications for derivatives and then turned out attention to Antiderivates and Areas and Distances. Topics this week included:

  • Curve Sketching
  • Optimization Problems
  • Antiderivatives
  • Area and Distance

In addition to the lectures and homework, we had to take a Derivative Mastery Exam back on Monday. If we passed with an 85% or higher we got 100%. If we scored less than an 85% we had to take the exam a second time and whatever we scored would be our grade. Luckily I nailed it on the first attempt with a 19/19!

The Fall 2017 schedule comes out 2/22 so looking forward to seeing what I can take next Fall. I’m leaning towards wrapping up PHY 131 – Physics II, PHY 132 – Physics II Lab, MAT 267 – Calculus III, CHM 114 – General Chemistry for Engineers and PHY 241 – Physics III. If I successfully survive all that, I’ll have all prerequisites complete and can focus 100% of my efforts on electrical engineering from Spring 2017 until graduation.


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