ASU Spring 2016 Session A Week 5 Update

Hard to believe we’re at the end of Week 5 already. Last week, I was very busy preparing for a big MAT 265 midterm. Happy to report was able to score 100% on the exam. Exam consisted of 18 problems, 2 from each section since the last exam. We were allowed a calculator (TI-84+), paper and pen. No notes. Next week we’ve got our Mastery of Derivation test.

Topics in MAT 265 included:

  • Indeterminate Forms and L’Hospital’s Rule
  • Maximum and Minimum Value
  • The Mean Value Theorem
  • Derivatives and Shapes of Graphs

EEE 120 we moved into Sequential Logic: Latches, Flip Flops, Registers and Counters. These new sequential circuits were accompanied by a simulation lab and a hardware lab. The simulation lab had us combine many of the components we had built in sim lab two to make an Arithmetic Logic Unit. The ALU handles 4 bit numbers, adds, subtracts, negates, perform XOR and XNOR operations. In the hardware lab we worked with different types of latches and gates and flip flops.

We’re heading into the home stretch and nearing the completion of this session. In EEE 120, we’ve got a big Hardware Capstone project to complete where we’ll be looking at two different types of state machines to solve a problem and then on the simulation side, finishing up our microprocessor.

Once the session is complete, I hope to have an opportunity to write a bit more on the various EEE 120 projects I’ve been working on. Stay tuned for more information on those!

In addition to all the matters related to the current session. I was able to get registered for summer session. I’ll be continuing the mathematics studies and will be taken MAT 343 – Applied Linear Algebra and MAT 275 – Modern Differential Equations.


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