ASU Spring 2016

I made it through my first semester of ASU Online EE program and Spring 2016 I’m doubling the number of classes and will be taking my very first electrical engineering class. This semester I’m taking:

Session A
MAT 265 – Calculus I
EE 120 – Digital Design Fundamentals

Session B
MAT 266 – Calculus II
PHY 121 – Physics I

It’s been over 15 years since I’ve done any Calculus or Physics. Over the break I’ve been watching more videos on about Calculus. I haven’t done a lot of the exercises though so we’ll see how that works out.

On the physics side, I haven’t done a lot of prep work yet. I’ve got a little over three months until that starts up. I saw that Khan Academy has some videos on Physics and read that a former MIT professor named Walter Lewin has recorded his Physics lectures and those are supposed to be a good supplement. Not sure I’ll need those, but having multiple sources to pull from I think will be beneficial.

My professor for EE 120 sent out a shopping list of parts needed shortly after registering. On the shopping list we needed to procure the following:

  • Digilent Analog Discovery
  • Breadboard
  • Breadboard Wiring Bundle
  • 74LS00 (Quad NAND)
  • 74LS02 (Quad NOR)
  • 74LS04 (Hex Inverter)
  • 74LS05 (Hex Inverter O.C.)
  • 74LS08 (Quad AND)
  • 74LS11 (3-input AND)
  • 74LS32 (Quad OR)
  • 74LS74 (D flip flop)
  • 74LS112 (J-K flip flop)
  • 74LS126 (3-state buffer)
  • 74LS175 (Quad D Register)
  • 1K Ohm resistors

Rumor has it that the Analog Discovery All-In-One USB Oscilloscope and instrumentation system will be used in a number of upcoming EE classes. Digilent had some tutorials on the device so I started tinkering with a few of those.

Book wise, no textbook was required for EE 120, but I did pick up the one used in the campus course. The professor gave a number of other books that were available through the ASU library or for purchase so I started flipping through those.

Not too much else to report but will post updates as the courses progress.



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